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Vectran Breaker, our high-quality racing tire technology, meets PolyX Breaker technology, which has proven to be extremely effective in car tires for years. The combination provides the best puncture protection in our portfolio.

  • Light weight construction with foldable aramid beads. A set of Pure Contact saves approx. 700g compared to a set of e.CONTACT Plus
  • Rolling Resistance: Pure Contact is not the fasted, but it still offers a very low rolling resistance overall.
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Wet Grip

A combination of premium compound and drainage elements, the Pure CONTACT is one of our grippiest tires in our Urban/Tour portfolio. 



A mix of symmetrical, a redefined center area with redesigned repeating drainage elements, and a transition area equipped with a slat design.


Tire Life

Continuous improvement of mileage, wear rate, puncture protection and rolling resistance are key factors for extending tire life


Our path to sustainability: created from one-third sustainable materials - silicate from the ash of rice husks, responsibly sourced natural rubber and renewable softener, engineered into one of our high performing tires.

Our Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy defines our commitments and guides our efforts to transform the supply chain. 

We are a founding member of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR).

Silicate from the ash of rice husks Silicate from the ash of rice husks
Additives with recycled feedstock Additives with recycled feedstock
Rapeseed oil Rapeseed oil
Responsible sourced natural rubber Responsible sourced natural rubber

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