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Technical Details

High level of efficiency thanks to higher mileage.

Through its compound, as well as its contour, the tire generates a consistent and even wear. This results in greater efficiency due to the higher mileage capability of the tire.

Long service life.

By preventing stones from getting stuck in the grooves, the tire becomes more durable through greater damage resistance.

High safety reserves for heavy loads.

The tire offers a particularly high load-carrying capability with a high level of driving stability.


ContiSeal is a technology developed by Continental designed to seal a damaged tire tread. In case of penetration by foreign objects such as nails, there is no need for immediate roadside tire changes, and holes remain sealed even if the puncturing object becomes dislodged. ContiSeal is a sticky, viscous sealant layer. It is applied to the inside of the tire in the tread area. ContiSeal seals 80% of all tire punctures and therefore reduces the risk of flat tires. ContiSeal tires are marked clearly with a symbol on the sidewall and are compatible with all commonly available rims.

ContiSeal and other technologies apply to selected product range.


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