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Technical Details

Let it snow, let it rain, let it freeze.

Say hello to winter’s worst enemy: with its combination of two stud types and its innovative distribution pattern, our TwinStud Concept pushes grip to the next level – and makes you tougher than any winter.

When roads are cold as ice, keep a cool head.

No street is a no go with this tyre: Even when it comes to aqua and slushplaning these special groove patterns lead water and slush directly away from the centre of the tread. Did we also mention that rapeseed oil in the compound keeps it flexible at even the lowest temperatures?

When winter arrives, here’s how you overcome.

Some winters are too harsh and too long for average grip: thanks to our new Stud Anchoring Technology, you can rely on outstanding, as well as long lasting performance.

We make you ready for e-mobility.

Our EV-compatible symbol confirms that the tire meets the requirements of electric vehicles as well as cars with combustion or hybrid engines.

The EV-compatible logo indicates that a tire meets the requirements of electric vehicles.

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