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Maximum safety, minimum impact.

We are incredibly proud of the newest member of Continental’s tire lines, the UltraContact NXT. It is our most sustainable tire, striking the optimal balance between sustainability, safety and efficiency.

Technical Details

A high share of recycled and renewable material.

Featuring a composition of recycled, renewable and certified materials, the UltraContact NXT guarantees uncompromised safety and performance. The NXT compound and construction features an optimal blend of natural rubber, silicate from the ash of rice husks, recycled PET, recycled steel and more.

Continental UltraContact NXT - Sustainability

Ultra-long-lasting driving comfort.

Enjoy your driving experience relying on a durable and long-lasting tire. Thanks to our Yellow Chili compound and harmonized tread pattern design, the UltraContact NXT provides you with ultra-high mileage and balanced driving comfort.

Continental UltraContact NXT - Mileage

Outstanding performance for your sustainable journey.

The EU tire label awards all sizes of the UltraContact NXT a triple A rating, showcased by a unique absorbing pattern and smart energy construction, indicating the best EU label rating regarding rolling resistance, wet braking, and rolling noise. Trust the UltraContact NXT for a safe and sustainable ride with extended reach, regardless of your destination.

Continental UltraContact NXT - Tripple A rating

We make you ready for e-mobility.

Our EV-compatible symbol confirms that the tire meets the requirements of electric vehicles as well as cars with combustion or hybrid engines.

Continental UltraContact NXT - EV-compatible

Test Results

The UltraContact NXT has won the prestigious "Gold" award in the "Automotive & Transport / Cars Accessories" category at the International Design Awards (IDA) for its special sidewall design.

What the jury said

In 2023, Continental launched the most sustainable passenger tire, the UltraContact NXT, with up to 65 percent renewable, recycled and mass balance certified materials. The unique position of this product is also reflected in its sidewall design. The designers created an abstracted leaf to symbolize the forward-looking message. For this they used elaborate 3D textures, which have never been realized before in tires. For the tread, "form follows function" applies. The advanced arrangement of longitudinal and lateral grooves delivers top values in all safety criteria and enables high mileage.

Continental UltraContact NXT - International Design Award

Maximum safety: Wetgrip label A, best possible EU label rating.

* Exact percentage depending on tire size. The UltraContact NXT contains 37% recycled and renewable material. Furthermore, Continental sourced an amount of 28% ISCC PLUS mass balance approach certified materials from bio-based, bio-circular and/or circular feedstock.