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As reliable as your best employee.

Just as every successful business aims to build long-lasting relationships, our goal is to be by your side for as long as possible. That’s why we’ve developed the VanContact Ultra – a tire you will most likely spend a long time with. Thicker rubber blocks and a scuff rib extending around the whole side of the tire stabilize the entire sidewall. These features ensure its high durability and reduce the likelihood of kerbstone damage. So, prepare yourself for not worrying about buying new tires for a very, very, very long time.

Change your mind – not your tires.

As we know that you most likely have other priorities than having to think about the tires on your fleet vehicles, we came up with a brand new, ultra-durable compound concept tailor-made for the demands of vans. By using so-called functionalized polymers, we were able to achieve remarkable rolling resistance, high robustness and at the same time provide excellent wet grip – giving you the freedom to think about moving your business forward instead of changing the tires of your fleet.

Make miles for ages.

When we developed the VanContact Ultra, we aimed to give you a tire that’s able to take you much more often from any A to any B. In order to deliver excellent mileage performance, we created a new closed pattern design with fewer and smaller lateral grooves in the shoulder rib. The result: a larger contact area between the tire and the road, which reduces the specific wear in the pattern as well as road noise. Well, since there is nothing more to explain, we just wish you a pleasant and quiet time between lots more A’s and B’s.

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