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Technical Details

Superb mileage performance on wintery and wet surfaces due to an optimised Nordic Matrix compound.

The optimised Nordic Matrix compound consists of silica, oil and carbon black to provide a higher overall performance level. The silica improves performance on wet surfaces, the added oil makes for better handling in winter conditions, while the carbon black facilitates a superb mileage. All in all, the tyre's new matrix is especially well optimised for Nordic roads.

Very good aquaplaning behaviour through the intelligent pattern design.

The tyre's optimised directional pattern improves handling during slushplaning and aquaplaning, since this enables water and slush to be displaced more effectively out of the pattern.

Perfect snow and ice handling thanks to snow catchers and an innovative sipe design.

The sipes around the pattern interlock in the left and right driving directions to provide a better grip. The VanContact Viking is also equipped with snow catchers within its grooves: loose snow from the road's surface gets collected inside these grooves. This improves the snow-snow traction, which leads to enhanced handling and a better braking performance in all driving situations on snow and ice.

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