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Standard Rims

SizePatternStandard Rims (ETRTO)
90/90 R18 M/C 51V TLContiClassicAttack1,85x18 ; 2,15x18 ; 2,50x18
100/90 R19 M/C 57V TLContiClassicAttack2,15x19 ; 2,50x19 ; 2,75x19
110/90 R18 M/C 61V TLContiClassicAttack2,15x18 ; 2,50x18 ; 2,75x18 ; 3,00x18
120/90 R18 M/C 65V TLContiClassicAttack2,50x18 ; 2,75x18 ; 3,00x18