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All season tire buying guide

Everything you need to know about buying all-season tires

Fast facts

Which all-season tires are best for you?

  • All-season tires are suitable for a wide range of vehicles from passenger vehicles to SUVs, EVs and trucks
  • Continental’s all-season tires proudly display the M+S symbol and the 3PMSF symbol, showing they are suitable for winter driving and compliant with most countries’ winter tire laws
  • Continental’s all-season tires are suitable for Electric vehicles (EVs), able to handle the greater demands EVs place on tires due to their weight and instant torque capabilities
  • Continental’s premium range of all-season tires caters to all SUVs

All-season tires can give motorists the best of both worlds: a tread depth suitable for most weather conditions, an impressive tread-life and freedom from the hassle of changing, then storing your summer and winter tires each year. They can be the perfect solution if you live in a mild climate.

Seasonal tires are the best choice for you if you have to tackle tough winters or very hot summers.

Find out if all-season tires are right for you, discover which all-season tire is best for passenger cars, EVs, SUVs or trucks, and learn to recognize the all-weather symbol on your sidewall.

What to consider before investing in all-season tires

Think about where you will be driving and how often. If you have an SUV that needs to drive smoothly in town, but must also go off-road on a regular basis, you’ll need a tire brand that is more suited for all-terrain with the best traction rating and tread-wear warranty. Or perhaps you drive a passenger car that spends almost all its time in an urban environment? In this case you might want to focus more on braking capabilities, fuel efficiency and aquaplaning performance.

Of course your safety and peace of mind are our key concerns. Use our tire buying guide, the Continental Tire Finder, to help you find perfect new tires, whichever vehicle you drive.

How does the sidewall of your all-season tire look like and what do the symbols mean?

Our all-season tires are designed to provide reliable performance in a variety of weather conditions, including winter conditions with low temperatures and occasional snowfall.  

They feature symbols such as the M+S (mud and snow) and 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) on the sidewall, indicating their suitability for use in mud and light snow, as well as in low temperatures with ocassional snowfall as it is considered a traction tire.   

However, it is important to note that all-season tires are not a substitute for winter tires in harsh winter conditions where temperatures regularly drop significantly below freezing. If you live in an area with severe winters, we strongly recommend switching to winter tires for optimal safety and performance on the road. 

Tire sidewall

Seasonal or all-season tires for electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are the future, but whilst their carbon footprint is considerably lower, the strain placed upon their tires is much greater. Why? Car batteries are heavy, so there’s greater pressure on the wheels, plus an EV’s instant torque puts extra stress on tires and increases tread wear. The extra weight increases braking distance, too.

Essentially, if you’re an EV driver you need to take extra care of your tires, whether seasonal or all-season, and choose a stronger tire than you would for a combustion-engine car.

In many ways, swapping between summer tires and winter tires might seem the best choice for an EV. However, advanced research and cutting-edge technology behind Continental’s all-season tires affirm they are suitable for use with EVs, offering good tread-life even under the additional strains.

Just like all the tires in our current product portfolio, our all-season tires come with the EV-Check marking on its sidewall, which is a stamp of compatibility with e-vehicles, showing that this tire is ready for the future of e-mobility. 

ASC2 tire

Which all-season tires are best for SUVs

Continental offers a range of all-season tires for SUVs amongst the best in their class and with a generous tread-life warranty. 

  • If you drive a crossover you might do most of your driving in the city. Continental AllSeason tires offer excellent handling all year round, high fuel efficiency and even noise-reducing technology in some models for a smooth and quiet ride with increased comfort and safety

  • An e-SUV´s battery weight and instant torque means the rubber compound in EV all-season tires must be especially robust to ensure you get the best grip and most responsive braking possible. And if you want to take your e-SUV off road, you´ll need to find the right balance between a smooth read with less rolling resistance and optimum traction for all-terrain driving

  • Ultra-high-performance SUVs need a premium tire that gives superb handling with maximum levels of grip, and a longer tread-life. Our High-Performance Technology Center (HPTC) is continually developing innovative technologies to improve their performance tires, as well as create new tread patterns to enable high-performance SUVs to drive at their very best

Rest assured, when it comes to safety, performance and efficiency from your all-season tires, Continental has got your track. 

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