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Breaking in new motorcycle and scooter tires

Even tires with our TractionSkin technology need a break-in period

New tires have a smooth, slippery surface that must first be roughened by moderate use.

Why is it necessary to break in new motorcycle and scooter tires? 

It is important is to scuff up the tread to develop traction (especially for tires without our TractionSkin technology). New tires have a smooth, slippery surface that must first be roughened by moderate use. Maximum grip can only be ensured after the surface structure has been broken-in so the tire can interlock with the rough surface of the road.

Even though Continental's TractionSkin technology contributes to greater safety on the first ride, it is necessary for the rider to condition the tires for the demands of high-power motorcycles by loading them moderately and evenly during the break-in period, thus preventing tire damage. It is easy to damage a modern high-performance sport/touring tire by mounting it and then immediately subjecting it to severe stress (especially high-speed riding). Breaking in ensures that the tread compound will not be damaged by destroying the cross-linking of the high-tech polymers that generates our outstanding grip performance. 

During the break-in period (approximately 150 km / 100 miles), heavy acceleration and braking, extreme lean angles and especially high-speed riding must be avoided. We recommend riding a twisty road and to start gently with low speed and lean angle and then slowly increase speed and acceleration until you develop a dull/rough finish across the usable tread surface.

Remove the tire labels before riding.

Always warm up your tires for every ride by gently braking, accelerating and cornering for the first few miles.

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