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# Tire Knowledge

Bluish or Multicolored Discoloration 

at Continental Motorcycle and Scooter Tires

During the production of our tires, certain agents and antioxidants are added to the high-performance rubber compounds to protect against ageing and weathering. These substances are designed to “migrate” to the rubber surface, forming a protective film protecting the rubber from the effects of sunlight, ozone, and oxidation.

New, unused tires have a high concentration of these anti-aging agents in the compound, which under certain circumstances may diffuse to the surface of the rubber. This can result in a blueish/multicolored hue on the surface of the tire tread and/or sidewall.

This discoloration will normally be removed by normal vehicle shampoos and in general does not re-appear.

The described phenomenon appears typically in recently manufactured unused tires and has no effect on the operating safety and performance of the tires.

If these discolorations occur on used tires, this may indicate that the recommended operating temperature of the tire has been exceeded. This typically happens during extreme use on the racetrack and can be an indication of sub-optimal operating conditions.