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Motorcycle Tires FAQs

Basic Questions

Collection of motorcycle tire FAQs:

  • Directional arrows
  • Multi-track vehicles
  • Red dot on motorcycle tires
  • Regrooving


Conti Knowledge

Directional arrows

Where a tire has directional arrows moulded upon it, the tire must be fitted so that the relevant front or rear arrow follows the direction of rotation.

Road handling and tire wear may worsen, or damage to the tire can occur in extreme circumstances, if these instructions are not followed.

Multi-track vehicles (motorcycle with sidecar, trikes)

Continental motorcycle tires are developed and tested only for use on single-track vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds, scooters).

Approval from the vehicle manufacturer is required for the use on multi-track vehicles (trikes, quads, combinations, or similar).

Red dot on motorcycle tires

Some of our tires, especially bias tires, have a red dot (or a red circle) on the sidewall of the tire. The location of the red dot shows the lightest point of the tire and should be lined up with the valve stem in the rim during mounting (which is typically the heaviest point of the rim). This procedure decreases the needs for balance weights.

For tires without red dot/marking, it is not necessary to align the tire to the rim.


It is prohibited to regrove motorcycle tires.

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