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More than tires

Automotive expertise

Automotive expertise

Our view goes on tires and beyond

Continental is about much more than just tires. Ever since our company was established in the year 1871, we have worked on making the transport of people and goods safer and more efficient. Our innovative vision has remained unchanged over the decades. With vehicles becoming ever more intelligent, we combine our expertise in autonomous mobility & safety and vehicle networking to turn data and synergies into an improved driving experience.

New technologies developed by our research department include radars, sensors and connectivity systems that help to increase the safety for everyone on the road. As all systems, such as the automated braking function, are interconnected, they can only deliver the best performance when the car is fitted with the best tires. Innovative charging solutions for electric cars and hybrid drivetrains make your vehicles fit for the mobility of the future. Safety is Continental’s top priority, from the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, the tire,and beyond.


Innovating the future

Megatrends in mobility

No driver? No worries: Autonomous driving

Brake assistants, lane-keeping systems and automatic parking are just the beginning. The next couple of years will see cars increasingly taking over functions from the driver - a revolution driven forward by Continental specialists who develop sensor technologies and high-performance computer systems that can link cars with each other and thereby form networks. Cars can already park and cruise along the highway autonomously. One of our main objectives is to achieve our Vision Zero: In three steps, we strive for a future without road fatalities, without injuries, and ultimately without accidents. The car is still the number hazard – but intelligent sensors and technologies allow us to change that.

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The electrification of traffic: E-mobility

Continental’s vision "Clear Power" already offers numerous components for hybrid and electric vehicles. All are geared towards making driving not only more environmentally friendly, but also more affordable. One of the highlights is our 48-volt technology for hybrid cars, which is proven to reduce fuel consumption by 21 percent. And our AllCharge module makes electric cars truly fit for the road as it allows drivers to charge their car's battery wirelessly. In China, entire mid-range car fleets are equipped with electric drives from Continental. And we even upgrade diesel cars. With our Super Clean Electrified models, combustion engine emission of nitrogen oxide can be reduced by 60 percent.

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Communication is key: Digitalization

Modern infotainment in the car is more than just the fancy presentation of essential data and information. Continental is working on the integrated man-machine dialogue. Powerful multi-core processors and high-resolution displays ensure that important information is clearly presented to the driver. HTML5 and Android apps can also be downloaded via the system and are kept up-to-date via the Internet connection. As always, safety comes first. That is why we take the security of our IT systems into account from the very first day of development. They are inherently protected against cyber attacks and security programs constantly check the network inside and the communication outside the car for anomalies.

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Clean solutions, cleaner future: Sustainability

For Continental, sustainable corporate management begins with the corporate structure: Our Sustainability Council ensures that human rights and laws are observed throughout our entire supply chain. All our employees, suppliers and business partners must abide by a Code of Conduct. New suppliers are vetted thoroughly. This integrated approach helps automobile manufacturers bring more environmentally friendly vehicles to the market. For us, sustainable value creation also means efficiency in our use of energy and resources. This is why we have set ourselves ambitious goals: By 2025, we will have phased-out coal and fuel oil for onsite steam generation used in our Tires production sites worldwide. And by 2030, our flagship tire products will be made of 60 percent sustainable materials.

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The right solution for every application

Continental always strives to offer the best tire solutions – and not just for cars. We also apply our comprehensive understanding of tires and tire development to a variety of other types of vehicle, from trucks, buses, earthmoving, port and industrial vehicles, to tractors, bicycles and motorcycles.

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Whether you are looking for speed on the road or safety on off-road tracks: Continental offers the right tires for motorcyclists.

Solution for motorcycles

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If you put a lot of weight on the road, you need tires that are more resistant and longer lasting. Continentals truck and bus tires are just that.

Solution for truck and bus


Continental offers a selection of special-purpose tires so that heavy construction-site vehicles and pallet trucks can perform their work safely.

Solution for bicycles


Racers, mountain bikes, cross-country bikes or trekking bikes: our bicycle department offers tailor-made tires for every cyclist.

Solutions for speciality vehicles

At a glance: tire expertise that matters

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