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Bom dia, Joana!

Joana Santos Silva

Where the road ends, our passion begins

Joana Santos Silva is part of the Commercial Specialty Tires team in Portugal and supports her colleagues as a sales representative and her customer as a striving adviser.

At around 10am her first stop of the day leads her to Figueira da Foz, a city right at the coast with stunning visuals. There she meets with Pedro of The Navigator Company, a company active in the pulp and paper industry and one of the strongest international established brands in all of Portugal. Joana incorporates the flexbox with ContiConnect into the reach stackers of their fleet and chats with Pedro about the importance of tire monitoring. Afterwards she makes her way back to Lisbon and after stopping for a quick lunch she meets her second customer of the day.

Maria is working as a logistic manager at the Porto de Lisboa, a rather small harbor right next to the scenic promenade of the Tajo sea gate. She is a fairly new customer of Joana, but nonetheless more than satisfied with the support offered. After checking and approving the tasks the vehicles perform in the busy workflow, Joana finds a bench at the quay wall and takes a short break. Then she is off to her last customer of the day.

Putting on her rubber boots she makes her way down the street to meet Timor at the bottom of the marble query, who is just finishing up on his break. Together they inspect the tires on the heavy machinery and discuss possible solutions for a minor issue regarding the tire performance.

Her last stop is a small and cozy café near the query. Even though the CST office in Lousado is nearly vacated after a productive week on this particular Friday afternoon, Joana still is in lively exchange with some of her local colleagues as well as those back in the headquarter in Germany. Via telco they go over some minor points in regard to ContiConnect and then she finally shuts down her computer and starts her well-deserved weekend.