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EM-Master E4/L4

EM Master 29.5 R25

For ADTs, Loader & Dozer


Conti EM-Master E4/L4

  • Lesser spacing between blocks than E3/L3
  • Deep tread depth for higher carcass protection against cuts and object penetrations
  • Higher tread wear volume and therefore more service life compared to E3/L3

Take a step into the future of tire management with the ContiEarth™ iTires.

All Continental Radial ContiEarth™ tires are equipped with premounted sensors which constantly monitor inflation pressure and temperature of the tire and transmits the information in real time to the ContiPressureCheck™ system. 

EM Master 29.5 R25

Technical Details

  • Outstanding self-cleaning abilities
  • Low heat build-up
EM Master 29.5 R25

The new EM-Master E3/L3 offers excellent self-cleaning characteristics, powerful traction, and good maneuverability that facilitate the use in muddy and soft terrain. 

  • Many gripping edges for powerful traction on soft and muddy terrain
EM Master 29.5 R25

Product range

Tire Size Dimension? Load Index Speed Index Tire Type Tread Depth
29.5R25 200/000 B TL 59
29.5R25 200/000 B TL 46
20.5R25 177/000 B TL 37
23.5R25 185/000 B TL 39
26.5R25 193/000 B TL 41
Tire Size Dimension? Load Index Speed Index Tire Type Tread Depth
200/000 B TL 59
200/000 B TL 46
177/000 B TL 37
185/000 B TL 39
193/000 B TL 41

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