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TerminalMaster AP

Developed for airport pushback tractors

The tire design is made for pushbacks with a capacity of 60.000 lb (around 27,2 tons) towing capacity and operate typically at speeds of around 3-7mph (5-11km/h) in creep speed when maneuvering aircraft and up to a maximum speed of 15mph (24km/h) without aircraft.

  • Maximum service hours due to wide and strong tire design with deep tread
  • High fuel efficiency and low emissions as a result of the optimized low rolling resistant tread compound
  • High transfer of torque from the tire to ground surface via five longitudinal tread ribs ensuring excellent traction under load
TerminalMaster AP 365/80 R20
TerminalMaster AP 365/80 R20
TerminalMaster AP 365/80 R20

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