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Product Highlights

The Specialty tires team is like family

Christopher deWind - National Sales Manager for Commercial Specialty Tires in Australia

Christopher deWind has worked at Continental for almost 40 years and has had a lot to experience since then. From Technical Tester in Malaysia to National Sales Manager for Commercial Specialty Tires in Australia. 

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An institution in the industrial industry

Gary Banks

Gary Banks is an institution in the industrial industry: He has been in the business for over 35 years – and still finds every new day exciting and challenging...

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Peter Alderslate - Tractor85

Peter Alderslade - World Ploughing Championship 2019

The summer sun is burning in the bright blue sky above the fields of Minnesota. The smell of recently harvested hay and grain still fills the air...

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Tire Solutions for Ports / Harbors

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Have a look at our Port solution package here...

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Slidewheel relying on Continental ContiRV20

Continental - The Slidewheel

Rapid Tires: Continental Using Industrial Pneumatic Tires to Drive the World’s First Rotating Water Slide at a Chinese Water Park

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Wavin - Time saving in practice with the Continental CSEasy

Keith Rowles, Logistics Trainer and MHE Controller at Wavin Plastics

Wavin Plastics UK, leading supplier of plastic pipe systems for residential, non-residential and civil engineering projects, was recommended the Continental CSEasy+ range as a time-saving solution by Linde National Tyres.

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