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Concept tire

Concept tire for Volkswagen's ID. Life

Detail view of a Conti EcoContact 6 Q tire

For the Volkswagen ID. Life concept car, which was unveiled at IAA Mobility 2021, we developed a concept tire based on the EcoContact 6 production tire. The concept tire contains eco-friendly tire assembly technologies that can be deployed in series production at short notice and is characterized by its extremely low rolling resistance (EU label A). This increases the range of the ID. Life. The systematic use of renewable and recycled materials, which make up 37 percent of the tire, also helps us to save valuable resources along the entire value chain.

By sourcing our feedstock responsibly, we help to minimize environmental and human-rights-related risks. Text reading “Responsibly Sourced Rubber” on the sidewall of the EcoContact 6 underlines the myriad activities undertaken to ensure the transparent and traceable sourcing of natural rubber.

Other renewable feedstock used in our products include silica from the ash of rice husks as well as plant oils and resins. In addition to recycled rubber, the tire contains COKOON, an environmentally friendly bonding system for fabric reinforcing materials that was recently used in series production for the first time.

Rubber planters are harvested in the rubber tree garden, Southern Thailand