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Flat Tires

What kind of flat tires are there?

There are basically four types of tire problem. Everyone knows about damage to the running surface from the outside, however there are other problems that occur just as frequently. Insufficient air pressure can cause the tire to be compressed until the tube is crushed. This usually presents in the shape of two long areas of damage to the side at the height of the tube. Internal damage results from a poor rim tape that offers insufficiently protection to the tube from the sharp edges of the wheel rim. This can be remedied by a good Continental rim tape of the right width. Cuts along the side of the tires are caused by stones or other sharp objects pressed up the side of the tire until the flank of the tire is damaged.

What should I do with damaged tires?

Damaged tires should be replaced for your own safety. You can continue to use certain tires where only a small section of tread rubber is affected, unless the supporting carcass of the tire is damaged. We recommend asking your Continental dealer.

Which puncture protection does Continental provide?

Continental provides different puncture protection technologies for various purposes.

Breaker technologies at a glance

What kind of puncture protection do the MTB tires have?

Basically, all Continental MTB tires have a sufficient level of puncture protection. Additionally, you can find different technologies depending on the purpose:

RaceSport - for XC-Race and marathon
ProTection - for the harder trails, Tubeless Ready
Apex - ideal for downhill and freeride
ProTection Apex - Enduro Technology