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Tubeless Ready

What does Tubeless Ready mean?

Tubeless Ready tires can be used both with and without an inner tube because the tire and wheel rim are designed so that they directly seal each other. In contrast to UST tires, Tubeless Ready tires are much lighter and are therefore air-permeable in the sidewall. This is sealed with a special sealing milk.  All mountain bike tires from Continental are Tubeless Ready in the ProTection and Performance formats. The revolutionary Tubeless Ready bead allows easier and less complicated assembly of the tire. For optimum sealing results and use, we recommend using the Continental RevoSealant . If mounted correctly, the system is relatively air-tight and resistant to snake bites with folding or wired-on tires. Voluminous mountain bike tires in particular benefit from this design. Tubeless Ready tires can be ridden with a lower operating pressure. The risk of punctures is much lower because there is no inner tube that can be punctured. Also, the movement of the tire on the wheel rim has no impact. In addition, the grip, comfort and rolling friction on rough terrain is better.

Which tyres are Tubeless Ready?

Continental MTB tires are available in a Tubeless Ready version: Trail King, Mud King, Mountain King, X-King and Race King. These tires are marked with "ProTection" or "Performance" on the product pages.

How are Tubeless Ready tires mounted?

Please have a look at the manuals in our mediacenter and also observe the mounting instructions inside the tire packaging. The videos will show you for example what to consider when mounting the tire, which tools are needed and how the RevoSealant is applied correctly.