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The VF TractorMaster enables an easy transition from road to field, loaded or unloaded, without having to adjust the pressure in between. It carries the same load as standard tires at 40 percent less inflation pressure, or 40 percent more load at the same pressure.

VF tires are the solution if you do not have a tire inflation management system.

Technical Details

Traction & Soil Compaction

Tractor Master
  • Lower pressure leads to more gripping edges in contact with soil for increased traction
  • lower tire pressure and wider footprint reduce soil compaction as well

D.fine Technology

D.fine Lug technology
  • 5% more lug surface results in higher mileage compared to standard tires
  • The overlap of lugs leads to a comfortable and smooth drive

VF Technology

TractorMaster VF Cut
  • Belt and bead geometry enhance sturdiness and durability
  • N.flex technology delivers flexibility for bead area and sidewall


Factsheet - VF TractorMaster

Factsheet - VF TractorMaster

pdf 238 KB Download

Agriculture Brochure English

Agriculture Brochure English

pdf 3 MB Download

Technical Databook - Agriculture English

Technical Databook - Agriculture English

pdf 11 MB Download

Testimonials - VF TractorMaster

A Norfolk farmer has moved to a zero-tillage system and invested in new tire technology to protect his soil. It has taken James Goodley four years to change his farming methods, and he believes by fitting his machines with the latest VF tires he can protect his investment and use his machinery more responsibly.

Zero Till Farmer, Norfolk, UK James Goodley – Zero Till Farmer, Norfolk, UK

Not only the temperatures are extreme in Australia, but also the agricultural and soil conditions, especially in the Reverina region. Simon Codemo faces challenges in his daily work in his business "Codemo Machinery Services". He is therefore very pleased with the return of Continental and the wide range of agricultural tires in this segment: "The relaunch of Continental Tires to Australia is a great experience for us."

Codemo checking the field conditions with his customers Simon Codemo – Owner – Codemo Machinery Services, Australia

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