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Eggers Spedition GmbH

High cost savings

“We used to have semitrailer tractors with factory-fitted tire pressure monitoring systems,” reports Peter Eggers. However, with these it is easy for the driver to switch off error messages. “We had vehicles coming in with trailers on which the front left tire had been running on five bar of pressure and the right rear on seven bar, which was certainly an interesting experience!” Early in 2019, Eggers invested around 60,000 euros in fitting out their trailers with ContiConnect. As a result, the number of on-the-road punctures they record each year has been cut by two thirds and the service they provide to customers has therefore improved significantly. The lifespan of the tires has been extended by 20 percent and maintaining the correct tire pressures has brought down fuel consumption by an average of 0.5 liters per 100 kilometers. “I save roughly 500 liters of fuel per vehicle over the course of the year,” says Eggers.

Peter Eggers Image Managing Director Peter Eggers

Investment recouped in year 2

As a registered food business, we transport food and animal feed across Germany and Europe as a whole,” says Eggers. “The largest volume is sugar for the drinks, chocolate and long-life baked goods industry.” These customers are absolutely dependent on a continuous supply of raw materials; they cannot accept delays. “The ability to reduce tire damage rates was therefore a fundamental consideration in my decision to invest in ContiConnect.” Now in the third year of using the tire monitoring system, the impact it has had is clear. The company already recouped its investment in the second year of using the system. “On-the-road punctures and therefore repairs by third parties have reduced significantly,” adds Eggers. “This has allowed us to further improve our delivery reliability, plus we have also saved fuel and can keep the tires on the vehicles for longer. So for me, this investment has been a win-win.”

Flotte Eggers Eggers Spedition GmbH has used silo trucks and tankers to carry goods to their destination safely and quickly for more than 60 years now. Quelle: Eggers

Safely does it with ContiConnect

Using ContiConnect allows Eggers to keep an eye on the tire pressures of their vehicles. It means that if a tire deviates from its target values, as is often the case with puncture damage, gradual pressure loss or sticking tires, the fleet manager can react quickly. The driver can be contacted and a workshop visit arranged. In this way, all 720 trailer tires for the Eggers fleet are kept well monitored day in, day out, and can help bring the cargo on board the vehicles to its destination safely and on schedule.