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HaGe-Logistik GmbH

Professional tire management

At portside, out in the fields, on rail and road, dirt tracks and high-speed freeways – no route is too challenging for the 200 vehicles operated by logistics and transport company HaGe Logistik GmbH based in Kiel, northern Germany. “With our highly versatile fleet, we are able to offer our customers in Germany and beyond a broad spectrum of transport services,” reports Managing Director Anne Prüß. “We facilitate logistics for structural and civil engineering projects as well as special transports of oversized goods.” And during the sugar beet season, the company also transports the harvest from the fields to the sugar beet factories in the region.

Anne Prüß, Managing Director of HaGe Logistik GmbH Anne Prüß, Managing Director of HaGe Logistik GmbH

The tires HaGe Logistik fits to its vehicles are particularly important, as they need to withstand extreme loads – in two distinct senses. “Absorbing a lot of punishment is all part of a day’s work for the tires,” says Prüß. “Plus, our vehicles are regularly on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week – especially during the double shifts of harvest season.” The Kiel-based operator has turned to Conti360° Solutions tire management to keep the tires on its vehicles in safe order at all times. “We’ve been working with Continental since 2015 and have been able to achieve very real cost savings – thanks to higher tire mileage and lower purchase costs,” Prüß explains. “The cooperation pays dividends every day.”

HaGe Logistik truck

Sustainability is a central element of Conti360° Solutions

Professional tire management lowers costs and protects the environment. Sustainability is an important part of the company philosophy at HaGe Logistik. “We fit retreaded tires on virtually all our trailers, and sustainability is a key feature of Conti360° Solutions,” continues Anne Prüß, adding that her company uses ContiReTM retreading products. “This allows us to extend tire mileage substantially – as highlighted by the HDW3 winter tire, which has a mileage capability of more than 300,000 kilometers.” A higher mileage capability makes a significant contribution to conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions. Continental’s retreading approach therefore fits with HaGe Logistik’s own philosophy and, not least, that of its customers. “We deal with companies in environment- and climate-sensitive sectors on a daily basis. So sustainability is a priority issue for our corporate relations,” concludes Prüß.

HaGe Logistik truck