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Truck of Eurotek, Slovenia.

Founded in 1995, Eurotek Trebnje, d.o.o. is a versatile transport company for the road transport of goods through all of Europe. With 250 vehicles and 280 trailers, they handle general cargo transport for all sorts of sectors: paper, textile, food and fuel just to name a few. Also, they are a specialised transport company for the automotive industry, transporting automotive parts and cars. Their total fleet runs 30 million km on average per year.

According to Maintenance Manager Damjan Robar, ContiPressureCheck™ is the perfect solution for them because they want to keep the control inhouse.

How would you describe the key to success in your business?

Rationalisation of costs. In the last few years, we have invested enormous efforts in reducing fuel consumption, regular maintenance of vehicles and trailers, reducing penalties for vehicle incompatibility with regulations, educating drivers for the use of smart cruise control etc.

Why were you interested in a tire pressure monitoring solution?

With the new owner, we did a lot on tires, in which we were forced due to business rationalisation. Our goal was to do the tire checking by ourselves, as we have our own people, so the ContiPressureCheck™ system is the perfect solution for our fleet. The benefits of the system are real-time control, real-time information, ideal wear of tires and fuel usage. There were no doubts in the system, as the presentation itself was extremely good.

Now that you are using it, what do you like about ContiPressureCheck™? What are the main benefits for you?

The system is extremely useful due to real-time remote monitoring, possibility of remote fleet control and immediate alert, which is reflected primarily in fuel consumption. It is no longer necessary to wait for the truck to arrive in the workshop in order to check all the parameters. The main benefit is higher mileage without unnecessary stopping.

How did ContiPressureCheck™ help you to improve your business?

The system is a great help in realisation of our company’s strategic goal of cost rationalisation.

In the last 6 months  there was no downtime due to tires.

Would you recommend ContiPressureCheck™?

Yes. (or No, as I wouldn’t like to share the secret of our success.)

How would you rate the interaction with Continental employees?

So far, our cooperation is without any problem.

How is Continental in general adding value to your business or contributing to your success - for example with tires, retread, services?

Complete service is a contribution to our business. From tires to tire pressure and temperature control.

Any further comments?

Keep it up.

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