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Nesa Lojistik


Nesa Lojistik provides logistics services to every corner of Turkey with a fleet of 11 vehicles and a team of 30 employees. At the same time, they are a Continental tires dealer.

Owner Cumhur Şanlı believes that minding, following and loving your business are key to success. 

Nesa Lojistik owner Cumhur Şanlı at his desk.

Why were you interested in a tire pressure monitoring solution?

In the logistics industry, tire is one of the key expense items after fuel. Besides tire wear, unexpected tire breakdowns cost both time and money. We thought that ContiPressureCheck™ would help us to prevent such losses and decided to try it. We started with 4 vehicles, since then we did not lose any tires fitted to these vehicles in two years’ time. Our fleet operates all around the country. We had some doubts in the beginning, like how it would be and if it would work. But over time, we saw that it worked quite well and made big contributions to our business.

Now that you are using it, what do you like about ContiPressureCheck™? What are the main benefits for you?

The system informs the driver if the tires are deflated or overheated. Therefore, the driver can take immediate action and solve the problem before the tire gets deformed. What is more, the additional damages of a puncture can be avoided, like damages to the mudguard, stop lamps and dampers. So, our drivers' job became easier.

How did ContiPressureCheck™ help you to improve your business? 

We avoided time losses, our performance increased while our costs decreased. When a tire is deflated, its life time gets shorter. I think that we have improved the lifetime of our tires, and downtimes are reduced.

As there is no time and labor loss, mileage increases and downtimes are also reduced.

Would you recommend ContiPressureCheck™? Why, why not?

I would absolutely recommend, and I do it. Continental is a technology company that develops products continuously. I believe that its applications will expand and will be much sought after when integrated to our current tracking systems. It will be useful in particular with international transport, like refrigerated or fuel trailers.

How would you rate the interaction with Continental employees?

We have an open and reliable communication with the whole Continental team. They support us to a great extent. So, I would like to thank them all for their valuable efforts.

How is Continental in general adding value to your business or contributing to your success - for example with tires, retread, and services?

Continental supports us in all areas, the company puts most of our ideas into practice before we do. We also provide road assistance and offer retreading services. Our brand name is of value on its own. We tried to introduce Continental to our customers in the past. But now, conscious customers with a very good brand knowledge come and ask especially for “Continental”.

Any further comments?

I have no further comments. By the way, I would like to thank all Continental employees and managers. We are growing with our brand and will continue to grow. We believe that Continental's support will help us to represent our brand better.

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