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# Digital Solutions


Spedition Helmö benefits from ContiConnect integration in telematics system

Huge rolls of paper, tons and tons of gravel, sensitive components for the automotive industry – haulage company Spedition Helmö based in Fürstenstein in Bavaria transports bulk and packaged goods for its customers nationally and internationally. For the tyres of the fleet, this means a high level of strain every day. “In order to optimize delivery reliability and also maximize safety, we always equip our fleet with the very latest technology", reports Managing Director Maximilian Helmö. This includes both state-of-the-art materials handling and vehicle technology, such as walking floor trailers, and safety assist and tracking systems. "For continuous tyre monitoring in real time, we opted for the ContiConnect Live tyre management system. Our articulated Mercedes-Benz trucks, complete with trailers, have been operating with the digital tire monitoring system from Continental for two years now. The app is integrated into the Mercedes-Benz Trucks telematics system and ensures stable running of our trailer monitoring.”

Spedition Helmö truck

Integration of digital solutions

The innovative ContiConnect Driver App enables fleet managers to integrate digital tire monitoring into the existing vehicle hardware via the open-platform Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal – all from their office and while the truck is on the road. ContiConnect simultaneously relays the real-time data from the tire sensors to the telematics system display in the driver’s cab, to the fleet manager, as well as to the 360° Solutions backend. This makes sure that all essential tire parameters are supplied to our customers in real time so that they can take immediate action in the event of anomalies or other problems. This “data transparency is a crucial factor in the successful implementation of efficient fleet management”, says Helmö. Optimized fuel consumption, fewer punctures and a long tire service life are all of key importance for our customers. 

Spedition Helmö truck
Spedition Helmö truck