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Trusts in Continental

 Venneker truck

Despite market challenges such as high energy costs and fragile supply chains, Venneker, based in Nordkirchen, Germany, continues to invest in its 250 employees, advanced vehicle technology, and sustainable processes, with Digital Solutions by Continental playing a crucial role in these smart, sustainable investments.

With a fleet of 95 vehicles, they serve European customers in the livestock, logistics, and nature sectors. Fleet Manager Issam Jaber notes, 'Our customers trust our standards, which are in line with the European Green Deal's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.' The adoption of this advanced technology not only aligns with sustainability goals but also positions Venneker ahead of the competition, showcasing their commitment to leading-edge solutions in a challenging market.

Shared Responsibility for Greater Sustainability

The integration of the ContiConnect digital tire management solution over the past two years underscores Venneker's commitment to cutting-edge technology. 

Venneker fleet

This system provides drivers and fleet managers, including Issam Jaber, with continuous insight into tire conditions. Jaber says, "Continental is a partner that, like us, is committed to minimizing carbon emissions and maximizing sustainability in logistics and agriculture.”

Operational reliability boosts fleet efficiency

Reliability is key for Venneker, given the varied terrain its vehicles traverse on a daily basis. The ContiConnect system significantly improves the operational reliability of the fleet. The positive impact is evident in the feedback from drivers and the company's workshop, resulting in increased reliability on the road and the ability to accurately schedule maintenance and tire changes. Jaber says, "We used to have about one puncture per vehicle per year. With ContiConnect, we don't have breakdowns anymore.

With ContiConnect, we don´t have breakdowns anymore"

Issam Jaber, Fleet Manager Venneker

Issam Jaber

Sustainability fits the company´s philosophy

Adopting the ContiConnect system reinforces the sustainability efforts of Venneker's fleet. As Dushyanth Rajagopal, Product Manager Digital Solutions at Continental, points out, proper tire pressure results in fuel savings and optimal tire life. The solution also helps reduce the fleet's carbon footprint. In addition, Venneker is committed to rigorous driver training and has begun to integrate alternative drive systems. Issam Jaber points out, "Our sales representatives have been driving electric vehicles this year, and five of our trucks are being converted to run on hydrogen.”

Venneker´s vision for the future

Adopting sustainable solutions like the ContiConnect system reflects Venneker's core principles. From electric vehicles for its sales force to trucks running on hydrogen, Venneker is actively shaping a greener future. Issam Jaber appreciates Continental's mutual sense of responsibility, which strengthens his trust in the brand. He emphasizes this shared commitment by stating, 'Continental lives up to its responsibility for sustainability.' This affirmation highlights the synergy between Venneker's forward-thinking approach and Continental's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Continental lives up to its responsibility for sustainability" 

Issam Jaber, Fleet Manager Venneker

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