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Vredeveld Group

Innovations in fleet management

Vredeveld headquarters

Meet the Vredeveld Group, a forward-thinking company led by Mischa Vredeveld. From its base in the Netherlands, with almost 200 employees and a fleet of 90 trucks and 180 semi-trailers, Vredeveld Group is carving a path to a more sustainable future in the transportation sector. By harnessing the power of ContiConnect Live, the company is significantly increasing the efficiency of its fleet while also cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Fuel efficiency through digital tire monitoring

Mischa Vredeweld

The ContiConnect Live system is a cornerstone of Vredeveld Group´s strategy continuosly monitoring tire pressure and temperature, preventing potencial breakdowns and supporting fuel saving strategies 

A commitment for our future

Along with innovative tire technology, Continental also supplies ContiConnect, a convenient Digital Tire Monitoring solution for maintaining optimal tire pressure and efficiency. The system comes in the shape of either ContiConnect Live, which enables 24/7 vehicle monitoring, or ContiConnect Yard, ideal for vehicles that returns to the depot every day. 

Karel Ramselaar

The impact of ContiConnect on fleet maintenance

At the other end of the spectrum, the fleet managers responsible for on-site maintenance appreciate ContiConnect´s efficiency.

Frans Gerding

Highlighting the integral role of live monitoring via devices such as tablets or phones, Gerding emphasizes its significance in saving time and substantially reducing tire maintenance concerns. “Maintaining the correct tire pressure is crucial, and the live monitoring function, accessible via tablets or phones, is an indispensable tool in our operations,” he says underlining the substantial benefits of Digital Tire Monitoring.

Bart Piceu

 A NewChapter in Logistics

The collaborative endeavors of industry leaders like Vredeveld Group and Continental mark the onset of a transformative phase in the logistics sector, characterized by enhanced efficiency, reduced operating costs, and a marked drop in CO2 emissions. All of which demonstrates the industry´s commitmment to fostering a more sustainble future. 

Vredeveld truck

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