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#VanContact Ultra / VanContact A/S Ultra

The new Ultra Series. Together we make a difference.

The transportation industry is under considerable strain. Inflation poses multiple risks to the economy and is forcing fleets to be more efficient and cost-sensitive than ever before. In these times, fleet managers need to invest in durable products to stay on top of their overall driving costs.

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"Meet our endurance and robustness experts."

Julia Schreinemacher
Product Manager

Anna Konetz Product Manager

"Continental provide fast solutions for any concerns. The collaboration is excellent."

Klaus Altmann
K. Altmann Transport- und Spedition GmbH

Andreas Heartwig Project Leader, Tire Development

"Maximize your output, minimize your cost."

Catherine Jean Loss
Head of Program Management

Ralf Benack Head of Fleet Solutions EMEA

"Continental offers prompt assistance for any issues. The partnership is outstanding."

Markus Gescheidle
CHI Tracking Service

Andreas Schwenke  Tire Development

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The Ultra Series

Continental has recognized the signs of the times and developed the Ultra Series with a specific goal in mind. The VanContact Ultra and the VanContact A/S Ultra feature exceptional durability and robustness and help fleets keep maintenance costs as low as possible.

The Ultra Series consists of our summer tire, the VanContact Ultra and our all-season tire, the VanContact A/S Ultra. These tires are true experts when it comes to cost savings. Fleets are currently facing economic challenges that need to be addressed. Our answer is as simple as it is convincing: exceptionally high mileage, robustness, and fuel efficiency for vans.

Together we feel the difference.

Discover superb durability and robustness.

Experience extra low rolling resistance.

Enjoy excellent mileage for a long service life.

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"For businesses that need to operate efficiently"
Ralf Benack
Head of Fleet Solutions EMEA

Our new van products.

VanContact Ultra

VanContact Ultra

Made to endure. For years and years.
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VanContact A/S Ultra

VanContact A/S Ultra

Made to endure. No matter the season.
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