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Engineered to save fuel and cut CO2 emissions.

The Conti Eco HS 5 combines fuel efficiency and a lighter carbon footprint with a power-packed performance. The optimized compound formula is engineered to reduce rolling resistance. This offers the potential to cut fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, no matter whether your fleet operates on regional roads or long-haul routes. And thanks to the balanced compound formula, the Conti Eco HS 5 also delivers good mileage.

Conti Eco HS 5 - Efficiency

Master the challenges on long-haul and regional roads – whatever the weather.

The Conti Eco HS 5 features an intelligent pattern structure including full-width 3D matrix sipes that ensure impressive traction over the tire’s entire service life. The innovative tread styling also delivers a balanced performance when it comes to wet grip, even wear and high mileage on both regional and long-haul routes. In addition, the service life of the Conti Eco HS 5 is further extended by our renowned W-groove technology (only available for size 315/70 R 22.5) which enables an even distribution of forces along the groove when cornering, thereby reducing stress on the tire. It's the kind of reliability that you can feel on every corner and every straight stretch of road, uphill and downhill, ensuring a smooth ride and peace of mind on countless journeys. 

Conti Eco HS 5 - Tread

Conti Eco tires live longer.

Thanks to their long-lasting casing with high structural stability, Conti Eco tires can outlast a single tire life through retreading, providing additional mileage and a longer service life. This benefits not only your budget but the environment, as well. In addition, our newly introduced 0° belt casing (only available for size 315/70 R 22.5) enables good pressure distribution in the contact patch under changing load conditions, which results in a significant improvement in mileage and even wear. 

Conti ECO HS 5  - Mileage

Get the most out of your tires

Sensorimage Conti Hybrid HS5

Smarten up your fleet.

With ContiConnect 2.0 you can monitor the health of your tires and therefore avoid costly breakdowns, lower your maintenance costs and increase safety and fuel savings. The Conti Eco Generation 5 tires are also available as intelligent tires that come with a premounted sensor ex works. The sensor collects and transmits the data of the tire to the back-end, and provides you with full transparency on the key factors of your fleet’s tires. 

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