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These tires’ business is to move your business as far as possible.

Taking your business to the top can be a very long journey. So better rely on a partner, who will never let you down along the way: a partner like the brand-new Conti Hybrid HD5. This drive axle tire allows your fleet trucks to cover very long distances. A new tread compound for the drive axle with superior binding properties – together with the usage of a distinctive type of carbon black – enables less internal friction and thus ensures ultra-high mileage. Moreover, thanks to the combination of two different innovative compounds for cap and base you can still benefit from a balanced-out good rolling resistance and fuel efficiency performance – which is more than just useful when you aim to make the most out of your business. 

Conti Hybrid HD5 - Mileage

Get on the road and stay on track.

Prepare yourself to fully focus on your business, while we make sure you never get off-track on your way. The new Conti Hybrid HD5 has been designed to provide superior traction in all weather conditions – enabled by its extra-robust tread pattern including full-width 3D matrix sipes that ensure a top-level performance over the whole tire lifetime – and just in case you already forgot: this means for a very, very long time.

Conti Hybrid HD5 - Traction

Rely on tires that give you peace of mind for years.

We want you to concentrate on things that really matter to you, without worrying too much about tires. That’s why we concentrated on things that matter to us: to provide a long and safe ride. With special void-generating centre grooves and small stone bumpers in all circumferential grooves, the Conti Hybrid HD5 minimises stone trapping and provides a high tread integrity and casing protection. So, once you thought of choosing the Conti Hybrid HD5, you are free to think of other things.

Conti Hybrid HD5 - Tread Durability

Get the most out of your tires

Sensorimage Conti Hybrid HD5

Smarten up your fleet.

With ContiConnect 2.0 you can monitor the health of your tires and therefore avoid costly breakdowns, lower your maintenance costs and increase safety and fuel savings. The Conti Hybrid Generation 5 tires are also available as intelligent tires that come with a premounted sensor ex works. The sensor collects and transmits the data of the tire to the back-end, and provides you with full transparency on the key factors of your fleet’s tires. 

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New tires, multiple lives.

ContiLifeCycle™ is a holistic system reusing tires and extending tyre lives. It begins with our new Continental truck tires and continues with our casing management and premium retreading solutions.
As the new Conti Hybrid HS5 is developed to be retreadable, we are able to extend its tire life and help to protect the environment. Reusing the casing saves energy and raw materials and reduces the number of old tires in circulation.

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