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Introducing the AERO 111 – the next generation in tire performance, developed in collaboration with DT Swiss and Swiss Side. Featuring an innovative and aerodynamically-optimized tread, this tire is engineered to effortlessly cut through the air like never before. The tread's 48 precision-formed, vortex-generating cavities create controlled turbulence, ensuring prolonged airflow attachment to the rim, resulting in reduced aerodynamic drag and improved crosswind stability.

The AERO 111 also incorporates all the winning technologies from the GP5000 TR Family: Black Chili Compound for superior grip and minimal rolling resistance, coupled with the trusted Vectran Breaker for added puncture protection. It’s the ultimate aerodynamic tire – without compromise.


The combination of all these features means on top of the low aerodynamic drag, the AERO 111 offers low rolling resistance, good puncture resistance and exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions.

The maximum inflation pressure for hookless and hooked applications as well as the maximum inner rim width can be found on the tire packaging and may differ between hooked and hookless applications. You can find more information here or in the mounting guidelines.

Aerodynamics by Swiss Side

The aero-optimized tread pattern certainly looks different: 48 little cavities are regularly distributed over its surface. These so-called ‘vortex generators’ are the very feature that manage to control the turbulence in the airflow on the surface of the front wheel. Ultimately, this results in a perfected storm that allows for the reduction of drag of the entire wheel tire system. 

Without AERO 111

The rider benefits less from the sailing effect because the early airflow separation increases the turbulent air flow. Thus, increasing aerodynamic drag of the wheel-tire system.

With AERO 111

The sailing effect (forward acting force) increases. Even with lower rim profiles the rider benefits from this effect because the laminar airflow stays adjacent to the rim for a longer time. Thus, decreasing aerodynamic drag of the wheel-tire system at all speeds.


Where to buy

The distribution of the AERO 111 is limited to selected providers in the different regions worldwide.

Bike24 Logo

Bike24 is the exclusive distributor of the Aero 111 in Europe

Competitive Cyclist is the exclusive distributor of the Aero 111 in the USA.

Swiss Side will be offering the Aero 111 as well.

Swiss Side are the industry leader in aero-dynamics. With over 20 years of experience in both Formula 1 and cycling, they are renowned for utilising the latest technologies and methodologies in computational aerodynamics and real-world testing.

BlackChili compound is renowned for its perfect balance of grip and low rolling resistance. For AERO 111 we use a race-optimized BlackChili, offering low rolling resistance in combination with excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.


Vectran, our patented technology from the GP5000 family. Selected for AERO 111 because of its unparalleled level of protection from sharp foreign objects, whilst not affecting rolling resistance.


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