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When it comes to driving, one size does not fit all. Whether you're a city navigator, an off-road explorer, or a sporty speedster, your tires are your safety net. Continental understands this diversity, which is why we've tailored a range of tires to fit every type of driver. Let's match your driving style with our top-of-the-line selection.

The road is a mosaic of diverse terrains and weather conditions, each requiring its own set of rules and equipment. Your choice of tires is crucial—it affects not only your vehicle's performance but also your safety, comfort, and even fuel efficiency. Continental has crafted a collection of tires to suit a spectrum of driving styles.

Precision and Performance with the Continental PremiumContact 7 & UltraContact NXT

For drivers who expect nothing short of excellence from their tires, there are two standout choices. The PremiumContact 7, with its adaptive pattern technology, ensures precise handling on wet and dry roads, delivering a premium driving experience that doesn't compromise on safety or comfort regardless of the vehicle type.

UltraContact NXT

It is immediately ready for action, featuring a new RedChili compound that allows for safe braking from the start.

Tailored Design: Each tire is designed to match the vehicle's weight, size, and drive system. 
Red Chili Compound: Superior performance across a broad temperature range, ensuring safety and responsiveness under varying conditions.

An additional choice is the UltraContact NXT, boasting an exceptional blend of recycled and renewable materials, and is ideal for those who prioritize sustainability without sacrificing performance. The UltraContact NXT stands out for its triple A EU label rating, indicating top performance in rolling resistance, wet braking, and noise reduction, offering a safe and sustainable ride with extended reach.

Moreover, the design minimizes road noise, allowing for a quiet cabin environment on longer journeys.

Dynamic Driving with the Continental SportContact 7 

Those who live for the thrill of driving at higher speeds and demand the best from their tires will find the SportContact 7 a perfect fit. It adapts to challenges the road throws your way, ensuring safe driving behavior on wet and dry surfaces, and extends the joy of driving performance with a perfectly balanced interaction of design and material that enhances mileage significantly.

SportContact 7

Dry and Wet Performance: Developed in collaboration with top car manufacturers for optimal performance at high speeds.

Track Proven Durability: Built to handle both daily driving and the occasional track day. 

Extended Range: Offers increased mileage without sacrificing performance.

This tire is ideal for those who push their vehicles to the limit.

Uncomplicated Reliability with the Continental UltraContact

For drivers who value a tire that delivers consistent performance and longevity, the UltraContact is a suitable ally. It offers ultra-high mileage and a safe, balanced driving experience with its YellowChili compound and harmonized tread pattern design. Its robust construction ensures damage protection and a pleasant driving experience on various road conditions, whether smooth or rough.


Advanced Construction: Robust build ensures a long service life, suitable for both electric and conventional vehicles. 
Adaptive Performance: Reliable performance in various conditions, from sunny days to wet commutes.

It's a straightforward, dependable choice for everyday driving

Economic and Eco-Friendly Excellence with the Continental EcoContact 6

The EcoContact 6 is for the economically-minded who do not want to compromise on quality. It offers the best balance between tire size and component distribution, enhancing rolling resistance to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while still delivering exceptional handling in wet and dry conditions.


Fuel Efficiency: Engineered to reduce rolling resistance, saving fuel and money. 

Durability: Longer tread life allows for extended use before needing a replacement.

This tire balances performance with economy, making it ideal for daily use and long-term savings.

All Season Reliability with the Continental AllSeasonContact 2

All Drivers who prefer a 'fit and forget' tire will appreciate the AllSeasonContact 2. With innovative compound technology that performs under any temperature, the AllSeasonContact 2 provides consistent grip and ultimate driving confidence throughout the year. Its design contributes to better handling, a smoother ride, and extended tire life.

AllSeasonContact 2

All-Weather Performance: Handles various weather conditions, providing confidence to drive year-round. 
Uncomplicated Efficiency: Emphasizes easy handling and durability, perfect for straightforward driving needs.

This tire adapts to both impromptu trips and casual city drives.

The Road Awaits: Your Tire, Your Adventure 

Car at sunset

Choosing a Continental tire means choosing for more than a century and a half of innovation, safety, and reliability. It's about embracing a drive that matches not only to the roads you travel, but also to the values and expectations you hold. From the uncompromising precision of the PremiumContact 7 to the versatile resilience of the AllSeasonContact 2, Continental's diverse tire range is designed to provide the safety and performance to meet the demands of every journey. Your car connects you to the road, but your Continental tires connect you to your car, enhancing every turn, every stop, and every moment you're in motion.

Continental's commitment to innovation, safety, and quality shines through in every tire. It's more than just rubber meeting the road—it's about enhancing your drive and embracing your unique style. Choose your Continental tire and make every journey your own.

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