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Grip to push your Limits

Welcome to the Science of Grip

Periodic Table

INTRODUCING THE NEW GRAVITY RANGE We’ve engineered tires with next-level grip. Your perfect set up, whatever the terrain, whatever your riding style. Kryptotal for mixed conditions, Hydrotal for wet, Argotal for loose, Xynotal for rock and hardpack.The Science of Grip.

Introducing the MTB Gravity range

Grip to push your limits.

An intensive development process has led to the creation of five unique tread patterns designed to suit dry hardpack, loose terrain, mud, and everything in between.

To complement these five new tread patterns, we have developed three casing and three compound options across four sizes to offer riders a bespoke, no-compromise set-up tailored to their riding style.

Periodic Table

An uncompromising Rider first engineering approach delivering a cutting edge portfolio of Downhill, Enduro and Trail tires for unprecedented performance on every surface.

Mountain bikers of all levels will be able to push their performance to new limits from now, as we introduce our all-new Gravity range of MTB tires.

Grip to push your Limits.

4 names - 5 patterns - infinite possibilities.

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