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# Technology and Innovation

Intelligent Tires - How will you roll into the future?

The tire of the future is smart

No matter what innovations car technologies bring, tires are what deliver them to our streets. The tires on the car you are driving today are probably already smarter than you think. And as you drive towards an even more electrified, autonomous and connected automotive future, you won’t believe how intelligent tires are going to become.

We don’t know all that the future holds, but the most advanced Continental tire technology, present and future, is a pretty good indication. Step by step, it is bringing us closer to a vision of fully intelligent tires.

The tire of the future will change the way you drive forever! Here’s how…

The tire of the future... has smart sensors

Intelligent tires tell drivers when they need maintenance

You already rely on your tires to provide your car with grip, traction and stability in any weather, to keep it rolling, or to bring it to a swift and safe stop, as needed. Modern sensors help you keep an eye on your tire pressure and make maintenance a breeze. But what if your tire sensors could do more? The tire of the future won’t just tell you if it’s feeling low (on air) or if it’s under pressure, it will also notify you of potential damage, low tread and changes in temperature indicating risky driving conditions.

The Tire of the future... is electrified and reliable

The tire of the future is electrified and reliable

What’s even better than being notified that your tire pressure isn’t optimal? Having your tire take care of it itself – while it’s rolling. A tire that can adjust its own air pressure according to the driving situation, road conditions and weather isn’t just convenient. Perpetually optimized tire pressure also makes for a safer, more energy-efficient and sustainable drive. 

The tire of the future... is connected

Tires of the future are connected

What if future you doesn’t even own a car? Shared vehicles make urban mobility modular, flexible and convenient. However, to further reduce costs and lower their environmental impact, they have to be on the road as much as possible. The easiest way to optimize capacity and decrease maintenance is to automate route planning, error reporting and servicing. You won’t have to worry about any of that, because the smart sensors of shared vehicles will self-report any issues to a cloud-based system. Preventative maintenance or repairs will be performed automatically with minimal fuss, so the car can get back on the road – and you can get to your destination. 

The tire of the future... is autonomous

Making self-driving cars intelligent

Sounds futuristic? Wait until you hail your first robotaxi. These autonomous vehicles aren’t just impressively smart and efficient, they are packed with artificial intelligence – from top to tire. Crucially, their tires will be able to perform their own maintenance and repair damage automatically, so they can keep on rolling, rolling, rolling… making public transport even more customizable and accessible.