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Continental is systematically developing new business models and has created an entire system of smart, digital solutions for its premium tires. As one of the world’s biggest suppliers of electronics, sensor technology and software in the transportation sector, Continental enjoys a clear competitive advantage here as a one-stop shop. We also target specific customers and technology companies for development partnerships. We want to become the number one in the field of digital, service-based solutions by 2030.

We already offer many of our fleet customers guaranteed mileages – including a comprehensive range of tire services any time, any where. We also develop intelligent tires whose condition can be monitored by customers using a range of sensors and software.

In various pilot projects, we successfully demonstrate the added value that Continental will generate for its customers in the future through the merger of tires with sensor technology, telemetry data, algorithms and the cloud. Smart, digital solutions will help to ensure that the tires of the future are serviced or replaced only when they need to be. This not only ensures much enhanced safety and productivity but also helps to cut costs.

Digital tire monitoring

Tires might account for just 5 percent of the investment costs associated with truck fleets, but they have an impact of 53 percent of the operating costs. If a tire is under-inflated, for example, this will increase the rolling resistance and the truck will consume more fuel as a result – which, in turn, will drive up costs. If a tire is punctured, the truck will be out of action while it is repaired. Especially in the logistics industry, downtime not only costs fleet operators money but also impacts their customers and, ultimately, end consumers too.

Grafic showing impact of tires on operation costs

Continental has addressed the challenges associated with fleet management by introducing ContiConnect Live, which involves various sensors monitoring the condition of the truck/trailer tires. The temperature, pressure and mileage are read by the tire sensors and sent by means of telematics to the tire management platform. Using the web portal or ContiConnect On-Site app, fleet operators can view the data and initiate any necessary measures. Digital tire monitoring with ContiConnect ensures efficient tire management as a result, making fleet management easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

How does ContiConnect work?

A sensor inside the tire transmits data that can then be received by a yard reader or telematics unit. Depending on the live or yard application, the data is transmitted to Continental’s IoT platform in real time or while the vehicle is passing the yard. The fleet manager can view the data in the web portal or ContiConnect On-Site app. If there any problems, an alert will be triggered that can be received by text message, e-mail or directly in the web portal.

ContiConnect tire sensor

With ContiConnect, we already offer a complete asset management system:

  • The tire condition and history can be called up in the system
  • Separate analysis of each individual tire
  • On-Site app enables mobile tire management right there in the vehicle

With ContiConnect, we want to offer comprehensive diagnostic and predictive services in the future:

  • Recording of tread depth and tire condition by intelligent sensors 
  • Data-supported forecasts of tire maintenance and replacement measures
  • Creation of individual fleet profiles for more efficient tire deployment

Grafic explaining features of ContiConnect Live

What makes our solutions special

We develop custom solutions that can be seamlessly integrated in existing structures and are specially tailored to specific business requirements. Instead of off-the-rack products, we offer solutions that deliver what you expect of them and get the best out of your company.

Our customer service team is by your side whenever you need it. We will draw upon our extensive expertise to develop the right tire management solutions for your needs. We will support you in setting up the system and scaling it to your entire fleet. We will also be there to help you in your day-to-day operations whenever you encounter specific problems or challenges.

We offer the expertise you’d expect from an industry leader with more than 150 years of experience in tires. You also benefit from the software and electronics know-how of one of the biggest automotive suppliers in the world. We offer premium tires, reliable sensors and user-friendly software. 

Benefits at a glance


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  • Extend life of the tire
  • Save operational costs
  • Reduce tire-related breakdowns
  • Decrease Total Cost of Ownership


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  • Decrease administrative burden by remote tire monitoring
  • Get full transparency and save time when planning future tire demands


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  • Save fuel
  • Reduce direct and indirect emissions
  • Enable retreading by protected tire casing and reduce waste
  • Enable optimized rolling resistance


  • Increase safety for all road users

Easy to use

Fleet managers can now manage their entire fleet tire inventories more easily than ever before.

Tire Planning

Smart operation via an app

The ContiConnect On-Site app is compatible with iOS and Android.

ContiConnect Devices

Real-time monitoring

The ContiConnect web portal enables real-time monitoring of all tires across the entire fleet.

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