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For agricultural work with telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders and for universal vehicles on farms.

This tire represents years of research and development by our agricultural research and development teams in Lousado and Hanover. The new twisted steel belt construction has a unique Turtle Shield layer beneath the rubber to protect the shoulder area from damage. The wider tread and lug widths have been specifically designed to offer better traction on a variety of surfaces and improve the self-cleaning properties of the tire.

Technical Details

Tread Base Line

The CompactMaster AG is the first to be designed with a new Turtle Shield tread layer and twisted steel belt. It is a reinforced tire with a hard shell and a more flexible steel wire construction which helps prevent cuts and damage, whilst offering greater stability for materials handling work.
  • Turtle shield shaped tread base line
  • Protection of the shoulder area against penetration and cuts by foreign objects

High traction capability in foward and backward direction

  • High work efficiency

Bead protection of sidewall

  • Reduced risk of flat tire

Product Range CompactMaster AG


Factsheet - CompactMaster AG

Factsheet - CompactMaster AG

pdf 275 KB Download

Agriculture Brochure English

Agriculture Brochure English

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