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Continental x Anchersen

Rolling together for over a decade

Anchersen team

In the world of transportation, where every journey counts, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengrs is crucial


We drive the most important kind of cargo: People, who trust us to have things under control. Therefore, tires are not just an item to check off the list. It´s a top priority.

Paul Anchersen, CEO Anchersen Busser

A success story

Founded in 1997 by the passionate and visionary Paul Anchersen, “Anchersen Busser” stands tall as a company deeply rooted in the Danish transport industry.

Poul Anchersen's journey unfolds as a captivating story of youthful ambition and entrepreneurial genes. Born into a family rooted in the tourist bus industry, Poul seized the opportunity to establish his own company at the tender age of 22. 

Anchersen bus

From those early days, he has skilfully crafted the enterprise into the successful entity we witness today. With a fleet of over 260 buses and around 900 dedicated employees, Anchersen serves both the tourism and public transport sectors. Always having the most precious cargo in mind: his passengers.

ContiCoach tire

Steering the wheel of a sustainable partnership 

Poul Anchersen's personal commitment to excellence in the company's day-to-day operations leads to the persistent pursuit of maintaining the highest standards in his fleet. As a result, collaborating with Continental was the obvious choice in 2012, not only stepping into a decade-long partnership, but embracing the path to the future of sustainable transportation together. 

With over 50 electric buses navigating the heart of Copenhagen, “Anchersen Busser“ is at the forefront of embracing e-mobility in buses. As the transportation landscape evolves, “Anchersen Busser“ remains proactive in exploring new technologies. The transition to electric buses amplifies the importance of digital tire management.

ContiCoach tire

We challenge our business partners and suppliers every single day. We do not compromise. We always strive for the best which ensure our passengers have the best expereince"

Poul Anchersen, CEO Anchersen Busser

Anchersen team and fleet

In the dynamic world of transportation, where innovation meets responsibility, Continental's collaboration with big players like “Anchersen Busser” stands out since it involves a powerful awareness of safety and reliability: the mutual objective lies in shared values, trust, and a commitment to ensuring every passenger enjoys a worry-free journey. “Anchersen Busser” not only heads to its destinations, but also to a safer and more sustainable future – and Continental is right by its side.

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