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G.Webb haulage

Leading the charge in fleet management innovation

G.Webb fleet

Discover G.Webb Haulage, a renowned firm specializing in bulk haulage based in Cambridgeshire, England. As a trailblazer in fleet management, G.Webb has successfully integrated the ContiConnect platform into their operations as a trial customer, overseeing a fleet of 55 vehicles that includes trailers, semi-trailers, and construction vehicles, and gave positive feedback on the system's capabilities and enhancements. The upgrade to ContiConnect marks a pivotal moment in the industry, offering fleet managers unprecedented operational flexibility and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Boosting Fuel Efficiency with Advanced Tire Monitoring

Paul Broker, the Fleet Engineering Director at G.Webb, envisions a future where fleets operate with maximized efficiency and safety. “ContiConnect has enabled us to keep tabs on the current tire status of our trucks. It helps us to minimize fleet costs by giving us the information we need to stop a truck with a tire defect quickly and reliably before it escalates into a blowout or a breakdown,” affirms Broker. The newly upgraded ContiConnect stands as a central element in their strategy, offering continuous monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, thereby averting potential issues and fostering fuel-efficient practices. Additionally, G.Webb equips its newer vehicles with Continental's revolutionary intelligent Tires, which come factory-fitted with sensors, facilitating seamless integration with the ContiConnect system and enhancing operational reliability.


For a SustainableTomorrow

Continental stands as a beacon of commitment towards efficient solutions. Ralf Benack, the Head of Fleet Solutions at Continental, shares, “With ContiConnect and the multifunctional app – which offers fleet managers even greater operative flexibility – we are taking the next step towards predictive maintenance." Continental's ContiConnect platform provides an effective Digital Tire Monitoring solution, aiding in maintaining optimum tire pressure and boosting efficiency, whether it's through the continuous monitoring feature of ContiConnect Live or the practical daily checks of ContiConnect Yard.

The new ContiConnect is a system upgrade that has a massively practical benefit to us"

Paul Broker, Fleet Engineering Director at G.Webb

Paul Broker

ContiConnect: ReshapingFleet Maintenance

At G.Webb, fleet maintenance teams have long recognized the remarkable efficiencies introduced by ContiConnect. Now, they are experiencing further benefits with the upgrade to ContiConnect. Paul Broker elucidates the crucial role this updated system plays in maintaining the operational reliability of their fleet. "The new ContiConnect portal is even clearer, more user-friendly, and simpler to interpret," praises Broker, highlighting the seamless transition and the enhanced features that facilitate more intuitive fleet management.

Highlighting the critical role of real-time monitoring available through modern devices, Broker discusses its significance in enhancing workflow and diminishing tire maintenance woes. "After a tire change at the roadside, the app enables us to recalibrate our tire sensors there and then. I.e., we don't have to bring the vehicle into the workshop," he remarks, speaking on the remarkable advantages of Digital Tire Monitoring

Navigating a New Phase in Logistics

The synergy between industry leaders like G.Webb and Continental marks the commencement of a transformative era in the logistics sector, characterized by amplified efficiency, lowered operational costs, and a significant decrease in CO2 emissions. This collaboration stands as a testament to the industry's dedication towards ushering a sustainable future, indicating a period rich with innovation and growth in the sector.

G.Webb truck

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