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Gor Oz

Haulage company

Gor Oz headquarters

Through dust storms with cutting-edge equipmentand digital tools

The challenging environmental conditions of Israel, from severe dust storms in spring to temperatures regularly climbing above 30°Celsius in summer, require state-of-the-art vehicle management. The Be'er Sheva-based haulage company Gor Oz relies on the digital ContiConnect Live solution for tire management. Ran Gordon, Fleet Manager of Gor Oz, stated, “We have improved our tire management immensely with ContiConnect.”

Challenges of the Israeli Terrain

These tough conditions make tire management essential. Gor Oz had tried other tire monitoring systems without success. Yet, they found reliability with ContiConnect Live. Gordon mentioned, "The solution from Continental and Questar works really well for us. The system allows us to view real-time tire data, such as pressure and temperature, at any time – regardless of the vehicle’s location.”

ContiConnect Live gives us an element of certainty in a work routine already full of unpredictabilities."

Ran Gordon, Fleet Manager

Gordon, fleet manager

Embracing the power of real-time data

The Gor Oz fleet, comprised of 130 trucks and 150 trailers, covers millions of miles annually. With ContiConnect Live, they can monitor real-time tire data and proactively address issues. Gordon highlights, "This gives us an element of certainty in a work routine already full of unpredictabilities."

Comprehensive Solutions with ContiConnect Live

Kaylan Yalamanchili, Head of Digital Solutions EMEA at Continental, discusses the capabilities of ContiConnect Live. "The digital platform provides fleet managers with live access to the current condition of their fleet and allows them to address tire damage promptly," he explains. Moreover, Continental’s LODC (Lowest Overall Driving Costs) consultancy concept seeks to improve cost efficiency and sustainable practices for clients.


A smart investment with tangible returns

Tire-related costs have a high impact on the total fleet expenses. By utilizing ContiConnect Live, Gor Oz noted a three percent reduction in fuel consumption, translating to savings of around €30,000 annually. Moreover, tire life increased, saving an additional €2,800 in tire purchasing. Gor Oz also received early warnings for 56 tires, avoiding tire breakdowns and saving them €20,400 in just six months. Gordon reveals, "The system paid for itself in just 13 months. We are very proud to be part of Continental’s latest technology partnership and have seen a clear positive impact on our fleet’s total operating costs."

Savings due to ContiConnect Live

Savings infographics

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