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Spedition Klotz

Innovative tire management

Discover Spedition Klotz, a reputable haulage company led by Managing Director Bernd Klotz, renowned for its commitment to efficiency and innovation. With a robust fleet that reliably delivers goods throughout the Freiburg region of Germany, the company is now at the forefront of technological advancements, using Continental's enhanced ContiConnect platform to further improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its services.

Next-generation sensors & data intelligence

The updated ContiConnect platform with next-generation sensors provides detailed tire data to help fleets maximize efficiency. Niklas Vauth, Head of Sensor Development at Continental, discusses the platform's capabilities, which now go beyond pressure and temperature measurements to provide insight into the tire's remaining life, promoting transparency and cost savings.

Thanks to ContiConnect means peace of mind for our team and ensures daily operations run smoothly"

Bernd Klotz, Managing Director Spedition Klotz

Bernard Klotz

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Transport Logistics

Artificial intelligence and digital connectivity are at the heart of future logistics. Bernd Klotz affirms the crucial role these elements play in improving the cost-efficiency of the transport logistics sector.

Klotz truck

A prime example is the ContiConnect Driver App, which provides seamless, real-time access to tire data, ensuring operational safety and streamlining daily operations through fast notification of critical tire conditions.

Predictive maintenance: the path to cost and time efficiency

Bernd Klotz emphasizes the importance of predictive maintenance enabled by ContiConnect, which not only saves time and money, but also reduces the stress associated with unforeseen operational problems. By enabling meticulous planning and timely intervention, ContiConnect is a beacon of innovation that ensures peace of mind and enhances the quality of work in the logistics industry.

Towards a Sustainable Future with Continental

The combination of sustainability and innovation is evident in the cooperation between Klotz and Continental. The transport company is relentless in its pursuit of resource conservation and carbon reduction, adopting practices such as tire regrooving and the use of retreaded tires from the ContiRe family. 

Bernd Klotz checks a Conti tire

Their commitment to eliminating unnecessary trips and optimizing payload capacity demonstrates a visionary approach to fostering a cost-effective, sustainable and connected fleet management system for the future.

I see conservation of resources as something mandatory that we should be incorporating into our line of business." 

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