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Conti CityPlus

Rethinking Energy Efficiency: Our Latest Concept Tire

Conti CityPlus - What's behind it?

Continental's special expertise in materials is, among other things, reflected in its sustainable tire innovations. For example, the technology company presented its latest concept tire Conti CityPlus to the public for the first time at the IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich. Its focus is on particularly energy-efficient driving in urban traffic. But how exactly does this work? Davide Oltolina, Key Account and Project Manager, explains the background of the new tire in the following video. 

More details about our new concept tire

Urban traffic is characterized by constant stop and go. This causes torsional deformation of the tires in response to the applied torque, causing energy to dissipate in the process. The Conti CityPlus technology is designed to improve total energy efficiency under these kinds of driving conditions by up to ten percent. And with the same very low rolling resistance levels. This is especially beneficial for electric vehicles because their higher torque and weight additionally amplify energy loss in tires. 

The Conti CityPlus is based on Continental's EcoContact 6 series tire. It has been specially engineered to offer high mileage and low rolling resistance. To achieve higher overall energy efficiency, the concept tire includes a range of modifications designed to reduce tire deformation during braking and acceleration. The tread strip features a special V-shape pattern, which creates a stiffer pattern structure. In addition, a new construction method results in a stiffer carcass which reduces tire deformation. The special system of fillers and an optimized polymer network in the rubber compound also contribute to the tire’s high overall energy efficiency. 

Energy-saving potentials


Average electric vehicles save up to 0.6 kWh per 100 kilometers in city traffic. This corresponds to up to 3 percent longer range.


Reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Klaus Kreipe Klaus Kreipe, Head of Continental Tire's OE Business EMEA

The Conti CityPlus technology reduces the total energy consumption of a tire. We see great potential, especially for electric vehicles, where every kilometer of range counts.

Making future mobility happen, today!

This was the motto of Continental's IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich. Along the two topic worlds "software-based" and "sustainable" mobility, the company presented its unique portfolio, which offered other exciting and advanced technologies in addition to the Conti CityPlus.

"We’re developing the new horsepower for the mobility of the future. Today, four out of every five new cars worldwide are already fitted with hardware and software solutions from Continental – ensuring safety, comfort and convenience, and sustainability.”

Muenchen, 05.09.2023
Nikolai Setzer, CEO Continental AG, mit dem Conti CityPlus

CEO Nikolai Setzer about Continental's technologies presented at the IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich. 

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