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# Future mobility

We make you ready for e-mobility

E-vehicles raise the bar for tire performance


Electric vehicles and low emission hybrid cars are driving the transformation of mobility as we know it. At Continental, our tire innovations make us part of this transformation. And while we haven’t quite had to reinvent the wheel, there are several aspects of our tires that we’ve optimized to make sure that every tire in our current product portfolio is compatible for electric and hybrid vehicles.

But what exactly are the requirements? Why do electric vehicles need special treatment from tires?  

Among the many benefits of e-mobility, one of the consequences of an electric vehicle is a significant increase in weight. Batteries are heavy, and their weight places additional strain on the tires. 

Driving an electric vehicle means no noise from the engine. Sounds bliss, doesn’t it? But there’s a catch. In the absence of a whirring combustion engine, the so-called rolling noise from the tires becomes a lot more noticeable, and – for many e-vehicle drivers – rather annoying. 

Electric vehicles boast instant torque, meaning they accelerate the second you put the pedal to the metal. And while instant acceleration is both practical and comfortable, the high instant torque of electric vehicles can also increase wear and tear of the tires. 

Continental tires rise the challenge

The good news is that there are tires specifically designed to mitigate these consequences.

By purchasing an e-car or hybrid, you’ve already bought into the future of mobility. Now it’s time to ensure your tires are up to the same cutting-edge standard as your vehicle, and with Continental, you’re in safe hands. Every tire in our current product portfolio meets the requirements of today’s electric and hybrid vehicles.

From the extra weight of the electric vehicle batteries to the more noticeable sound of the tires, Continental has the answers. So how do we do it? How do we ensure that our tires are fit for the requirements of e-vehicles and make you ready for e-mobility? 

The characteristics of our tires that make them suitable for electric vehicles

Worth the weight

For a tires to meet the needs of electric vehicles, they need to be strong enough to carry the extra weight of the battery. On every tire in Continental’s current passenger tire product range, you’ll find what’s called a High Load Index (HL) – this let’s you know that these tires can handle the weight.

Shhh, I’m driving!

Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, driving an electric vehicle is about comfort – not least when it comes to noise. With an e-vehicle, you’ve already eliminated the noise of a combustion engine, so your tires need to keep it down as well. 

Continental’s low noise tires contribute to a smooth and silent driving experience by reducing the amount of tire noise transferred to the passenger cabin.

This is possible thanks to our tire technology ContiSilent™, a tire noise-reducing technology which is designed to reduce interior noise on all road surfaces and leads to a greater comfort. ContiSilent™ helps reduce interior vehicle noise up to 9 dB(A), depending on the type of vehicle, its speed and the road surface

Tough cookies

As mentioned, the instant torque of an e-vehicle can take its toll on the tires in the long run. That’s why all Continental tires have been built with an abrasion-resistant rubber compound to extend mileage.

Opting for e-mobility should not come at the expense of your tires’ longevity, and Continental makes sure it doesn’t.  

Rolling with e-mobility

Due to limited battery capacities, e-vehicles still struggle with a shorter range compared to conventional combustion engines. This is where your tires come into play. The lower the rolling resistance, the lower the energy consumption – for both combustion engines and e-cars. This way, you can gain additional range while simultaneously supporting sustainability.

Sealing the deal

Last, but not least, all Continental tires are equipped with ContiSeal technology. This is a sticky, viscous sealant layer of the tire which fixes tread damage up to 5 mm in diameter. It traps the air inside, keeps the tire inflated and your car mobile.

ContiSeal™ seals 80% of punctures – which would come in handy for any type of vehicle but is particularly beneficial in electromobility. By practically eliminating the need for emergency tire changes, ContiSeal frees up construction space needed for the battery.