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# Future Mobility

Tires meeting the needs of electric vehicles

We make you e-ready!

Electric car being charged

All Continental tires are EV-Compatible

Cutting-edge technologies-based on 150 years of experience

For more than one and a half centuries, our experts at Continental have been working with the most prominent manufacturers on future-oriented and sustainable solutions. That's why our technologies are at the forefront when it comes to e-mobility solutions. The result speaks for itself: We make you ready for e-mobility.

Conti Seal™

The battery in e-vehicles requires a lot of space. Therefore, the vehicles do not have any room left for a spare wheel, which could be mounted in the event of a flat tire. Therefore, e-vehicle drivers need tires with maximum safety. ContiSeal™ technology was designed to self-seal damaged tire treads, eliminating the need for a replacement tire. 


In e-vehicles, engine noise is extremely low. This has a side effect: all other sounds, including tire noise, become much more noticeable. ContiSilent™ uses a unique foam layer that reduces the noise peak by up to 9dB.

Optimized rolling resistance™

Cutting rolling resistance increases a vehicle’s electric range. At Continental, we optimize rolling resistance for all our tires. At the same time, we improve the braking performance leading to higher road safety. This, along with the increased robustness of our abrasion-resistant rubber compounds, also gives our tires better mileage.

There is no one-tire-fits-all solution

We believe in tailor-made products for every e-vehicle type

The differences between conventional cars and e-cars are considerable. But the differences between e-cars also demand different solutions. The e-vehicle segment is highly diverse and presents complex requirements for tires. That's why we don't just offer one single tire line for all e-vehicles, regardless of how big, heavy or fast they are. In addition to making our full product portfolio compatible for e-cars, we also take into account the different characteristics from vehicle to vehicle. This way we find the best fit for you.

Electric car tire protection, care and maintenance

As with any other type of vehicle, tire maintenance is crucial. Air pressure should be checked regularly and adjusted if necessary. Correct wheel alignment will reduce tire wear and should be checked every 6 months, or sooner if you have hit a curb, pothole or other obstacle. An expert can check excessive wear, especially on the inside edge of the tire, and will recommend alignment or rotation, as needed.

If possible, replace tires with original equipment models, which were not only designed for the needs of electric vehicles, but specifically made to fit the precise model you are driving. Continental has provided original equipment for Tesla and the new  and the new Volkswagen ID.3, and we are original equipment providers for 9 out of 10 electric vehicles.

Electric cars

The new Continental EV-marking

The new EV-compatible marking guarantees that that the tire is suited for the needs of an electric vehicle, and you’ll find it on the sidewall of every single Continental tire in our current product portfolio!



EV marking