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Broederna Oehmans AB


Earthmoving is the core business of Mats Oehman & Håkan, CEO of the Swedish contracting company Broederna Oehmans. Operating since 1981, the company runs a fleet of 100 vehicles. His own tests proof that the ContiPressureCheck™ system works reliably even in harshest environments.

Testimonial about Broederna Oehmans AB, Sweden

What does Broederna Oehmans AB do?

We’re a complete contracting company with many years of experience in groundworks and civil engineering work. We have a presence throughout Sweden.

Why did you choose ContiPressureCheck™?

We weren’t actively looking for a solution that could monitor tire pressure for us, but when Continental’s salesman presented their concept involving premium tires and ContiPressureCheck™, which shows the current tire pressure and tire temperature, we felt right away that it would be interesting to test it. We want to remain at the cutting edge, and everything that helps to bring about lower fuel consumption, higher uptime and safer operation of our vehicles is always of interest to us, obviously.

The system supplies really precise data - and it also works flawlessly in our demanding environment. We really feel we can rely on this system!

Was there anything about the system that you were wondering about initially?

We operate in environments where the tires on our vehicles are subject to major stresses every day. So, of course we were wondering just how reliable the system would be – would the system be capable of delivering under those conditions, and could we rely on what the system was showing us?

That was why we ran a test period where we double-checked the air pressure and temperature from the sensors using a standard tire pressure gage. The result was that the system supplies really precise data – and it also works flawlessly in our demanding environment. We really feel we can rely on this system!

Now that you’re using the system, what do you like most about it?

The system was easy to install and configure. I like the fact that the system measures both pressure and temperature, too, because many TPMSs just measure the pressure itself – but too high a temperature in tires over a long period can harm them as well.

How has ContiPressureCheck™ helped you in your day-to-day work?

We used to check the air manually, so we had to remove valves – and as a result there was a risk of leaks and, in the long run, punctures. Everyone knows it takes time to check the air – and we can now spend that time doing something else instead.

The uptime of our vehicles has also improved. Now we receive an indication if anything’s wrong with a tire, which means we can work more proactively and remedy the situation before vehicles have to be taken off the road because of damaged tires. In fact, we’ve already saved at least two tires that would probably have been lost otherwise – we’d have needed to replace them. Obviously, this saves time and money for us! 

Not using the system would be a waste of money

Would you recommend ContiPressureCheck™?

Definitely. This is a really reliable system, which means savings and makes our lives easier. I’d even like to state that not using the system would be a waste of money.

What would you say about your interaction with Continental?

We have a really good relationship with Continental and our salesman, who looks after us and follows up with regular visits relating to tire measurements and other things. He’s also available if we have any questions about tires or systems.

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