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The ContiTireDrive mobile app is available to dealers, fleets, internal users and the general public. The app combines all Continental tools, documents, and assets that can assist in the product selection process.

✓ Ideal for busy dealer salespeople and fleet managers
✓ Tire and retread information at your fingertips
✓ Download and share documents, see the latest news, and more
✓ Special features for Continental customers

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The 360° Smart App for TrukFix is a simple web app that enables the user to submit, process, and track TrukFix emergency roadside assistance requests in real-time.✓ Ideal for busy dealer salespeople and fleet managers

The perfect tool for:
✓ Continental TrukFix dispatchers
✓ Fleet dispatchers
✓ Drivers
✓ Fleet managers
✓ Service providers / Dealers

360° Smart Accounts Receive

  • No hotline hold times! Instantly submit a case and get real-time status alerts.
  • Request emergency roadside assistance. Use automatic GPS mapping of your location or manually input an address and add notes.
  • Upload photos. Show the affected tire, your truck, location or other identifiers to help the service provider locate you faster and serve you better.
TrukFix 24/7 support
  • Request service at a dealer location. Get predictable pricing and convenient billing.
  • Schedule service at your fleet yard or other location of your choice. The dealer will be informed of all fleet service requirements ahead of time
TrukFix GPS
  • Track open cases in real-time. See which dealer accepted the case, their ETA, when they arrived, and other details as they happen.
  • See last night’s cases. Review the last 24 hours of activity without searching for specific cases. As a fleet manager, after-hour road calls are visible as soon as you open the app the next morning.

TrukFix App home screen
  • Digital records. No more lost or illegible paperwork.
  • Electronic time stamps on status updates, ensuring down-to-the minute accuracy on technician arrival time and truck roll time.
  • Accurate, easy billing verified by both the fleet and service provider.
TrukFix Smart App photo upload

Service Provider (Dealer) Benefits

  • Be informed. Get all the information you need prior to going to the call: what fleet they belong to, where to go (including detailed notes as submitted by the driver), and what happened.
  • View and upload photos. See the incident before you leave, to ensure you have the correct equipment to service the need. Upload photos of the damaged tire directly from a mobile phone.
  • Receive fleet service requirements. Get requirements directly in the app, as the TrukFix dispatcher assists with collecting the required information and documentation.
  • Submit status updates with one click. No need to stay on the phone. The fleet dispatcher, TrukFix dispatcher, and driver will all see your status in real-time. Let them know “I’m on scene” and everyone is notified instantly.


ContiTireDrive App Overview Flyer

ContiTireDrive App Overview Flyer

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360° Smart App Flyer

360° Smart App Flyer

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