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Generation 5 Tires

Confidence in every mile.

A new generation of tire is here to help fleets achieve their lowest overall driving cost while maximizing productivity out on the job. Continental's Generation 5 tires are more than just a slight performance upgrade over its predecessors, though. Rather, they represent the shift towards enhanced fleet mobility. The launch of the Generation 5 tires creates a product range brimming with cutting-edge technology that provides a sound basis for sustainable fleet management. Thanks to their improved tread design, rubber compounds and casing designs, the new premium commercial vehicle tires offer outstanding mileage, excellent durability and superb traction, together with lower rolling resistance. These criteria are all of fundamental importance for resource-efficient fleet. Generation 5 also forms a key element of Continental’s concept for Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC).

Discover Continental's Gen 5 Lineup

Conti HSR 5 19.5 Tire

Conti HDR 5 19.5 Tire

HDR 5 | HSR 5 19.5" Features

Conti HDR 5 sidewall

1. Optimized Belt Package

Full-width belts that extend past the groove bottoms enhance durability and retreadability.

2. Maximized Retreadability

New compound improves rolling resistance and durability to protect casing.

3. Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF)

Meets 3PMSF + MS criteria for handling in mud and snow.

4. Improved Sidewall

Protects against curbing damage to protect retreadability.

5. Made in USA

Conti HSR/HDR 5 19.5" designed and manufactured in the USA.

Conti HDR 5 tread

1. Open Shoulder Tread Design

Improves traction in harsh environments, meeting 3PMSF + MS ratings.

2. Full-Width 3D Matrix Siping

Design provides enhanced traction and wear over life of the tire.

3. Optimized Tread Pattern Geometry

Tread delivers excellent wet/dry traction and mitigates stone retention.

4. New Tread Compound

Developed for improved fuel efficiency while improving durability in regional applications.

The next generation of services

With our Generation 5 tires, we are also taking services to the next level. We develop state-of-the-art technology that optimize all aspects of your business. Trusted solutions like Conti360° fleet services, ContiConnect digital TPMS and ContiLifeCycle retread management contribute to greater efficiency, cost-savings, and performance. No matter the challenge, we can find the best solutions together. This is the beginning of a new era.

5 Common Questions About Gen 5

We know you might have some questions regarding Generation 5. Our experts have provided several answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

To start with, Conti Gen 5 tires are a completely new product series. In the development phase we addressed all the key factors for a tire. For example, the tread was redesigned, the casing optimized, a new tread compound developed and the sidewall layout re-thought once again. The clear focus was on raising mileage while also slightly improving rolling resistance.

No, it doesn’t exist – for cultural reasons. In some cultures, the number four is considered unlucky, so we decided to skip Gen 4. It is a Continental Tires policy never to launch a product generation that includes the number 4.

We have incorporated new elements into the tread at the steer axle. For example, we have added full-width 3D matrix sipes and have created a new innovative surface design. And we were also able to achieve a balanced distribution of rib stiffness.

At the drive axle we have developed a new – and very robust – five-block tread and also full-width 3D matrix sipes. In addition, our engineers have optimized the distribution of negative tread. Furthermore, special stone ejectors have been integrated and a wider tread has been designed.

The new treads, which consist of two compounds layered on top of one another (cap base), increase both the mileage and robustness of the tires. At the same time, they optimize rolling resistance and ensure an even wear pattern. Lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are the result.

The use of three full-width belts in the casing provides optimized ground pressure distribution under varying load conditions. This gives Conti's Gen 5 tires additional stability, a uniform wear pattern, and outstanding retreadability characteristics.

Needless to say, we have already been conducting R&D work in this area for a long time. The Generation 5 is a case in point. With our latest generation of tires, we have been able to increase mileage while at the same time reducing rolling resistance – and all this with comparable material use in the new tire’s tread. We also focused on retreading during the development process, and we created casings with outstanding retreadability. And, of course, the extended mileage helps our customers to achieve high fleet efficiency and promotes sustainable fleet management.

The development of Generation 5 tires is a logical and important step in our portfolio. The requirements of our customers in the transport and logistics sector are diverse and ever-changing. This is especially true of trucks on regional raods with some travel across longer distance routes. The frequent braking, starting, and maneuvering  place rigorous demands on the tires – with different load states and varying road surface conditions to be factored in. We have developed the new tire generation specifically for this type of usage. and therefore to meet the individual customer requirements. The tires have been designed adeptly to meet these diverse requirements, and offer maximum mileage, exceptional durability and outstanding traction. We focus on low rolling resistance and thus on reducing the fuel costs of the fleet in regional transport operations. Our goal is always to reduce the overall driving costs of our customers' fleets, coinciding with our focus on Lowest Overall Driving Cost (LODC).  Our smart tire management solutions such as ContiConnect and Conti360° Fleet Services play a key role here.


We are looking back on 150 years of innovation. With our long-standing experience, dedication, and passion, we're constantly developing state-of-the-art products, services, and solutions. We are building on the foundation laid by Generation 3 and rely on our values, convictions, and motivation to make real change happen. With Generation 5, we not only offer premium tires and retreads, but also personal support for fleet managers and operators in the truck and bus business with key services such as Conti360° and Digital Solutions. As your partner, we offer our expertise and help you succeed in all important areas. This is a new era and a new generation of truck and bus tires.