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Digital Fleet Inspection


ContiTrack2 screen


ContiTrack2 is an advanced web-based, portable fleet monitoring tool, which provides accurate and fact-based recommendations to maximize fleet performance and lower operating costs.​


ContiTrack2 digital tire inspections are performed by your Continental sales representative or dealer. Detailed reports on tire wear, tread depth, and recommendations to improve performance are available for viewing and printing. With the help of the collected data, we regularly analyze the efficiency of your tires and identify tire-related cost saving potential. With our optimization services, it is our highest priority to ensure maximum business success for you. We provide you with a complete analysis of your tire-related data, which reveals potential for any tire-related cost savings at a glance.

Tire Analysis Performed:

  • Tread Depths: Analyzes tread depth situation, flagging tires that are within warning range
  • Air Pressures: Analyzes and classifies the current air pressure situation, while calculating costs
  • Irregular Wear: Identifies irregular wear conditions, calculates costs and provides solution mapping report
  • Scrap Tire Analysis: Tires are categorized by condition and lost tread costs are calculated 


Sample ContiTrack2 Reports

Branch Inspection Report
Branch Inspection Report

Branch Inspection Reports provide a birds-eye view of each vehicle surveyed. The ContiTrack2 platform can then generate various charts showing ratio of tires with issues regarding air pressure, tread depth, mismatches and more.

Tire Inspection Report
Tire Inspection Report

These reports provide a snapshot of the tire's usage, mileage performance data, air pressure, scrap pile analysis and wear warnings.


Mileage Projections
Mileage Projections

This report allows the recipient to compare Cost Per Mile of different tires based on tread wear rate. It also shows which tires are getting the best Miles Per 32nd, a key component in tracking your Lowest Overall Drive Cost.

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