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Tire Monitoring Solutions for Truck and Bus Fleets


Fleet manager reviewing details in the ContiConnect web portal

A smart solution for fleet management

ContiConnect is a digital tire monitoring fleet service that allows you to capture and monitor tire pressure, temperature, and mileage data in real-time. Much more than a basic TPMS system, the ContiConnect digital tire management system gives you valuable insights into every connected tire, keeps you notified of changes in tire health now and over time, and provides you with a safer, more cost-efficient fleet.

How digital tire monitoring can benefit your fleet


Increase in tire casing life


Increase in tire mileage

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Reduction in tire-related breakdowns

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Improvement in fuel efficiency

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Lower CSA scores

The most tailored tire management service

See how fleets and operators use ContiConnect to increase tire mileage, improve fuel efficiency and reduce breakdowns:

Long Haul

"We’ve been using [ContiConnect] and I have several drivers that use it daily and they’ve been saving tires from blowing out...just being able to monitor that pressure all the time."

— Dustin Ferguson, Dorado Transportation


"With the digital readers in our yard and smartphone app, [ContiConnect] will reduce the number of slow leaks, stuck valve stems and under-inflated tires while our trucks are on the highway."

— Troy Beale, Turner Transport Ltd.


"We went from having 5 service calls a week to 1-2 per month. We have it set up where if our drivers have a low tire, they get an alert to their phone and that tire is fixed before they hit the road."

— Jason Ward, The Allen Company

Digital tire monitoring sensors and services

Tire Sensors

Continental’s state-of-the-art tire mounted sensors attach to the inner casing of the tire, providing the most accurate tire pressure and temperature readings. This sensor also records tire mileage, providing you with valuable information to make informed decision about each vehicle’s tire maintenance schedule.

Valve cap sensors are also available for an easy, quick way to get started with ContiConnect. Learn more about Continental's intelligent tires.

Intelligent Tire showing embedded sensor and valve cap sensor

Portal & Mobile App

The ContiConnect web portal gives you insight and data to monitor the status of all tires equipped with a Continental sensor. From low-pressure alerts to historical individual tire data, tracking your tire’s health has never been easier or more accessible. For mobile users, the ContiConnect App allows you to quickly view tire health data and monitor all tires equipped with a sensor. With it’s Bluetooth capabilities, tire pressure checks can be completed in a matter of seconds. Learn more about the ContiConnect App.

ContiConnect Web Portal

Alert Notifications

Whether you are on the road, in the office, or on the shop floor, ContiConnect can you give you a view of your tires' health with real-time alert notifications on your phone or computer. When individualized thresholds for pressure, temperature, etc. are met, you can receive alerts so you can avoid potential breakdowns and inefficiencies on the road.

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ContiConnect Web Portal

Solutions that will fit your fleet





Data Insights

Compensated Tire Pressure

Tire Temperature*

Tire Mileage*



ContiConnect App

ContiConnect Web Portal


API Integration



Tire Status Alerts

SMS + Email Notifications


Tire Status History


Exportable Reports


KPI Dashboard


Workshop View


Driver Information

GPS Location



Automatic Trailer Learning*




Tire-mounted Sensors

Valve Cap Sensors


Yard Reader Station



On-Vehicle Receivers



*Available with tire-mounted sensors only

Tire monitoring solutions for any application

Long haul truck

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Semi trucks in a truck yard

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