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Conti360° Fleet Services

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With Conti360°, fleets gain full access to comprehensive tire management solutions that help achieve lowest overall driving cost. From guided tire selection, digital tire inspection and monitoring, to tire lifecycle management and emergency roadside response services, our modernized toolset provides a window into the data and insights fleets need to make intelligent business decisions.

Combining digital and physical tire services for efficient fleet management

As an integrated solutions partner, Continental works tirelessly to help operators drive down overall driving costs for their fleet. Beyond our premium tire portfolio and advanced retread capabilities, we offer the digital solutions and back-end services to keep your vehicles out on the road.



ContiConnect digital tire monitoring uses built-in tire sensors to monitor the health and performance of your tires. The system will notify the driver or fleet manager in case of pressure or temperature deviations from a defined value. This allows the driver or manager to plan tire maintenance activities properly and in advance.


ContiTrack2 digital tire inspections are performed by your Continental sales representative or dealer. Detailed reports on tire wear, tread depth, and recommendations to improve performance are available for viewing and printing.


If your fleet participates in Continental's TrukFix roadside breakdown assistance program, you will be able to request prompt service from anywhere.


With Conti360®, you can gain insight into many aspects of your fleet. From breakdown analysis to purchases to product performance, our reporting feature is designed to keep you in the know.

Conti360° Fleet Services Web Portal

This one-stop business portal, also known as ContiLink, offers a single point access to Continental Tire service programs, product information and ordering--anytime, anywhere.

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Easily print or save your Continental invoices for commercial tires in PDF format. You also have the ability to download an Excel version of the list of all invoices and credits in a date range. Financial Statements are accessible for printing or saving, and you have the option of viewing your last month’s statement or a real time statement. This area also includes Dispute Invoice functionality and dealer Proof of Service images.

Integrated Solutions

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