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Tires are our passion. For over 150 years, our innovation, precision and efficiency have made us one of the world's leading tire manufacturers. Our premium commercial tires meet the needs of different vehicles, road conditions, customer requirements and driver behavior. While we have manufacturing plants all around the world, we make over 75% of our truck and bus tires here in the U.S. for our American customers.

Retread Technology

Continental offers a cradle-to-grave approach to tire management that prolongs the life of your bus and truck tires at every stage. The ContiLifeCycle process begins with a new tire and continues with our premium retreading process based upon our durable casings. This comprehensive approach to your tires prolongs their service life, thereby significantly lowering your total cost of ownership.

Digital Tire Monitoring

Digital tire monitoring supersedes older, manual tire maintenance and replaces it with systematic monitoring on a continuous basis. Our solution, ContiConnect, uses a sensor mounted onto the inner liner of a tire that  measures the tire pressure and interior temperature. This data can then be viewed by driver or fleet manager on a number of PC and mobile devices.

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